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Toilet Doors

Toilet Doors

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Adel Auto Doors come with the best toilet door system, integrated with safety features and embellishments that will make your toilet doors strong and durable. They come integrated with excellent features that make them attractive, aesthetic and practical. We have doors with different specifications and features that would suit different frames and build.

Smart Toilet Door System Offers New Level of Home Security and Convenience

The smart toilet door system in Abu Dhabi will be a perfect accessory for your toilets because they come integrated with excellent security features, so you can be assured that no one will barge in when you are inside. We can also install child-locking features in the door, so your child will not get locked inside, or will go into the toilet unsupervised.

Benefits of Installing a Smart Toilet Door System

With a smart toilet door system, you can enjoy the next-level security and convenience. As providers of the best toilet door system In Abu Dhabi, we take particular care in using only the highest quality raw materials for the doors. The doors will enhance the beauty of the room, blend in with the design and take security features to a whole new level. Stay in line with the trend by looking at the different varieties of smart toilet doors that we have on offer.

Top Safety Features of Smart Toilet Door Systems

Our doors come with innovative and trendy features that will change the way you perceive toilet doors. Toilet doors are no longer traditional; they have become style statements.  You can enjoy facilities like:

  • Keyless entry - so you don't have to touch the door knobs which is a hub for germs.
  • Occupant sensors - the system will detect when there is an occupant inside
  • Child safety features - your child will not inadvertently lock himself in the bathroom
  • Automated locking - your toilet door will lock automatically itself when not in use for some period of time

Apart from these features, you can customize the doors to suit your specific requirements. We can discuss these requirements in a call when you get in touch with us.

How to Maintain and Care for Toilet Door System

Our technicians would install the smart toilet doors and will give you maintenance tips, so they will work optimally. You can clean the door lock mechanism with a soft lock to ensure the components work fine. We can provide a maintenance schedule based on this schedule, we can oil the components, check the sensors, review the security systems, monitor the battery replacement.   

Why Adel Auto doors

We are expert providers of toilet door system In Abu Dhabi. Our commitment to quality and perfection makes us one of the best manufacturers in the field. We install the doors after considering the aesthetics of the room, the design features and the features you need incorporated in the door system. Our doors come in different sizes suiting both residential and commercial requirements. Call us today to have quality doors on your toilets.

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