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Get Your Full Height Turnstile from the Best Turnstile Supplier In Uae

Al Adel has been supplying quality turnstile access control for maintaining optimum security of an area. We are the leading turnstile supplier in UAE. Turnstile access control helps in restricting access and controlling the entry and exit of people. A full height turnstile structure allows only the entry and exit of a single person at a time thereby providing additional control in the people traffic. They can be installed in any areas of your choice especially in high risk areas and high profile areas. They can also be kept at places where there are large crowds. They can be installed at retail stores, parks, stadiums, corporate lobbies and so on. Turnstile Access control offered by us are made of robust and sturdy materials with exceptional locking system. They also have steady rotating centre post. The security and safety system of full height turnstile access control is reliable and dependable having floor to ceiling protection. When compared to other turnstile system they are higher and wider. They are automated and are functional. The blocking rods in the gate prevent the occurrence of any climbing and breach of security. Turnstile access control come with an elegant design which will complement any space. It is also possible to custom make and incorporate various features like face recognition, card swiping etc. If you are looking for the best turnstile supplier in UAE, get in touch with us without any delay!

  • Mainly used to lock down the perimeters of enclosed outside areas, our full-height security turnstiles ensure single-user throughput and are extremely weather-resistant.
  • Indoor or outdoor perimeter security
  • Safe, simple and effective equipment for demanding, prolonged use
  • Reduced maintenance and security costs
  • Long-term investment based on exceptional durability


  • Access control: entry, exit or bidirectional,
  • Single-user throughput, 
  • Anti-fraud, 
  • Rotating obstacle: all-welded construction  
  • Anti-climbing structure
  • Mechanical locking  

Your Trusted Turnstile Supplier in UAE

Al Adel - Leading Turnstile Supplier in UAE

When it comes to controlling access to secure areas effectively, full-height turnstiles are the solution of choice. Al Adel, as a premier turnstile supplier in UAE, offers top-of-the-line turnstile solutions to enhance security and streamline access control. Explore our range of products and discover why we are the trusted choice for turnstiles in the UAE.

How Does a Turnstile Gate Work?

A turnstile gate is a mechanical access control device designed to allow one person to pass at a time. Here's how it works:

  • Barriers:Turnstile gates feature rotating horizontal arms or barriers that obstruct passage.
  • Access Control:Individuals must present valid credentials such as access cards, key fobs, or biometric scans to gain entry.
  • Directional Control:Turnstiles can be set to allow entry only or both entry and exit, depending on the security requirements.

Features and Benefits of Turnstile Gate

Our turnstile gates come equipped with a range of features and offer numerous benefits, including:

  • Security:Prevent unauthorized access and monitor the flow of people through secure areas.
  • Space Efficiency:Full-height turnstiles are compact and ideal for areas with limited space.
  • Durability:Built with robust materials, our turnstiles are designed to withstand heavy usage.
  • Customization:Tailor the turnstile's appearance and functionality to match your facility's requirements.

Turnstile Access Control

Turnstiles serve as a crucial component of access control systems. They enable you to:

  • Control Access:Ensure that only authorized individuals gain entry to your facility.
  • Track Entry and Exit:Maintain a record of who enters and exits your premises.
  • Prevent Tailgating:Detect and deter unauthorized individuals attempting to follow others without proper access.
  • Emergency Egress:In case of emergencies, turnstiles can be configured to allow unimpeded exit.

Why Al Adel as Your Turnstile Supplier in UAE?

Choosing Al Adel as your turnstile supplier in UAE offers several advantages:

  • Expertise:With our years of experience, we have an in-depth understanding of turnstile technology and access control.
  • Quality Products:We provide turnstile solutions sourced from reputable manufacturers, ensuring reliability and performance.
  • Custom Solutions:We work closely with you to develop turnstile systems that align with your unique needs.
  • Exceptional Support:Our commitment extends beyond installation. We provide ongoing support and maintenance to ensure your turnstiles operate seamlessly.

Ready to bolster your facility's security and access control with our turnstile solutions? Contact Al Adel today, and let's discuss how we can help safeguard your premises effectively.



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