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Access control is intended to grant access only to people allowed to be there to enter a building or office. For several years, the deadbolt lock, along with its corresponding brass key, was the gold standard in the access control. Modern businesses want to track, regulate and handle access to their doorstep.


The keys have now transferred the baton to computer-based electronic access control systems, which provide easy, convenient access for approved parties and refuse unauthorized access. For effective and beneficial access control system, it is necessary to search for the best access control system companies in UAE.Having adequate industry knowledge and experience Al Adel can say with assurance that we are one of the finest access control systems in UAE.

Your Trusted Access Control System Company in UAE

Al Adel - Leading Access Control System Companies in UAE

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, ensuring the security and controlled access to your premises is paramount. Al Adel, one of the top access control system companies in UAE, is here to provide you with robust and reliable access control solutions. Explore our range of services and discover why we are the preferred choice for access control systems in the UAE.

Implementing Access Control System Security in Your Business

Implementing an access control system can greatly enhance the security of your business premises. It allows you to:

  • Restrict Unauthorized Access:Ensure that only authorized personnel can enter specific areas within your facility.
  • Track Entry and Exit:Keep a detailed record of who enters and exits your premises, enhancing accountability.
  • Manage Remote Access:Control access to your facility remotely, granting or revoking permissions as needed.
  • Enhance Security:Deter unauthorized access and prevent security breaches.

Widely Used Access Control Methods

Our access control systems utilize various methods to ensure security and convenience. These methods include:

  • Key Cards and Key Fobs:Provide authorized personnel with secure access cards or key fobs for entry.

  • Biometric Access:Utilize fingerprint, iris, or facial recognition for highly secure and convenient access.
  • PIN Codes:Grant access through personal identification numbers, adding an extra layer of security.
  • Mobile Access:Use smartphones to gain entry with the convenience of mobile apps.

Levels of Protection for Access Control Systems

We understand that not all businesses have the same security requirements. Therefore, we offer multiple levels of protection tailored to your needs, including:

  • Basic Access Control:Ideal for small businesses or low-security areas.

  • Advanced Access Control:Suitable for medium to large enterprises with diverse security needs.
  • Enterprise-Level Access Control:Designed for organizations with complex security requirements, such as government facilities and critical infrastructure.

Why Al Adel as Your Access Control System Company in UAE?

Choosing Al Adel as your access control system companies in UAE is a decision based on trust and excellence:

  • Expertise:We bring years of experience in designing, implementing, and maintaining access control systems across various industries.

  • Quality Products:Our access control solutions are sourced from reputable manufacturers, ensuring reliability and performance.
  • Custom Solutions:We understand that every business is unique, and we tailor our solutions to meet your specific needs.
  • Exceptional Support:Our commitment to customer satisfaction extends beyond installation. We provide ongoing support and maintenance to ensure your system's optimal performance.

Ready to take your business's security to the next level with our access control systems? Contact Al Adel today, and let's discuss how we can safeguard your premises effectively.

Features of Access Control System

Access control system comes with many features.Being one amongst the leading access control system in UAE we offer a system that is functional and advantageous foryour property.


Auditing Trail– A true access control system maintains a card log and stores it for future reporting in a database. So, if you have to find out who was the last person to use a card at a certain entrance, you are going to be able to report it.


Flexibility– You can edit the cardholder records with a flexible framework and add and remove information fields as appropriate.


Ease of Use– Some access control systems are difficult-to-use. Access control systems are not only easy to use but also efficient enough to handle almost any access control scenario.


Scheduled Backups – You have the option to plan the backups of the access database for any access software package you choose. We have seen several clients who have not backed up their databases and have called us to restore them if their server breaks.


Integration -Some access control systems can be combined with an alarm and video system so that anything from a single user interface is controlled. If you intend to buy the access control system, test the management software for a while before you purchase it.


There are a large number of choices available across the access control system companies in UAE, and before you finish your purchase you should ensure that you are satisfied with all characteristics. 


How Access Control Systems Works?

Modern access systems run on a Windows PC or in a cloud server by using the door access control software. You can control the door control mechanism on your mobile or your PC. While deciding on the access control system companies in UAE you have to ensure that they will provide proper guidance on how the access control system works.


The login information is stored in a computer database and distributed to all network readers through the network. All registered users are kept in the app database. It facilitates the addition, deletion, or editing of new participants. An individual is given a credential by the program.


An ID of the card (credential) is provided to each person by either entering the credential manually or automatically. Many systems allow you to provide a user image so that the credential is easy to validate. It is useful if the system with an IP camera system is incorporated.


You can decide the time and day a person can enter as well as the door that they can use with access control management systems. The app also lets you assign the leader and who can add new individuals to the list. In certain instances, more details may be added, such as the department of your person and other information.


Some management systems provide maps of the premises that help you track warning conditions in order to run the device. Alerts such as the opened door may also be provided or also if an unauthorized person attempts to open a door.


The Door access control systems require credentials containing an identification number. The ID is allocated to each person who will use the readers for access control. The program for door access control runs on your computer or a cloud computer. All the IDs and names of the persons allocated to the device are kept by the new door readers.



The advantages of access control system are many and some of them are given below. For installing a system that is appropriate for your building you have to choose a trusted company among the access control system companies. The track record of Al Adel is a proof that we are among the top rated access control system companies in UAE.


You can set and forget who has access to any region of your organization with the Access Control System. Once authorization is granted, an individual can access all areas in which he/she wants his/her work. The employee can easily get whatever they need by scanning a key card or entering a PIN.



There are a few disadvantages to the use of conventional keys. Individual keys are used to limit access to specific areas. The bigger the edifice, the more locks you need. This can mean a cumbersome key ring and uncertainty about which keys do what a person such as a janitor or a high-clearance person. For those who enter restricted areas, an access control device saves time and often saves visits from the locksmith.

Keys may also be duplicated, making you open to unauthorized entry. You leave yourself vulnerable or must change your locks if an employee does not turn in their keys before they leave your business. The protection of access control eliminates it.



You can save money on locks and security workers with access control security. Without a security guard, an access control device may check the identity of an individual.

The combination of access control systems with lighting, heating, and cooling systems is also possible. When there are people in a room, the lights will turn on and will shut off when they leave. When no one is in an area to save on electricity costs, you can also adjust the temperatures.



An access control system provides you with information about who is entering and leaving a building or room and when. When they are meant to be, you will ensure individuals are functioning. When a robbery or accident happens, at the time of the incident, you know exactly who entered a particular area.



A big corporation offers a possibility for visitors to go completely unnoticed. One of the advantages of using devices for access control is that unauthorized persons are unable to get in.

 Since doors need credentials before they open, the area can only be accessed by those you have given credentials to.

You can be sure with this device that everyone in your building is going to be there, whether you know them.



An access control system allows employees to enter when they need to when they work at various times. Without waiting for someone to open doors, employees can come in early, and executives do not have to stay late to lock up at the end of the day. You would have the freedom to give the employees flexible schedules. You can even monitor comings and goings with the leadership dashboard without being yourself there.



The company also stores health, financial, and customer data on servers. So that trusted individuals only be able to access them, access control systems can restrict or provide access to IT rooms or even individual computers or nets.



Access control systems allow people to trust and avoid others. You can make background checks and hold someone without proper credentials. In case of an emergency, the staff can still maintain access control systems. Clamp-and-key doors are locked that can be vulnerable in the event of a fire and other emergencies requiring rapid escape. When electricity breaks down, doors are unlocked using unsafe locks, so that all people can leave a building without having to fumble for their keys.



By monitoring access, you can secure the company's properties, costly facilities, or even office supplies. Access to supply closets and data banks can be restricted so that trusted persons can access them. Employees are aware of their arrivals and exits, which discourage them from robbery. Laboratory equipment or chemicals may harm those unqualified to use them in schools or hospitals, too.


To avoid accidents, only those who know how to comply with safety protocols can have access.



Various data protection regulations include physical data access restrictions. All must comply with HIPAA in the health sector, but most organizations are not subject to this legislation.

If an employee or individual asks for medical leave, the person must keep his or her disease records safe. The financial details of customers must remain protected in the business



In areas with multiple locations, conventional key-based protection becomes complex. Some faculty members may have schools with two campuses, both of which teach only at one. A world and server and digital data access must be restricted by IT departments. All this information can be protected with an access control device, be it a digital or paper file.


Components of Access Control System


Access Cards

Access cards can be replaced by keys in an access control system. People check their access cards to access the building or other parts of the building. Every access card has a special code, so that you can monitor the access for every single user, and easily enable and disable access at various times or in different areas. Usually, the access cards have the capacity to fit into a pocket and are the size of a credit card.

Card Readers

The card reader is the device that reads the cards to allow entry. Some card readers need insertion, some need swipes and some need only cards to pass in the immediate proximity to the reader.


Usually, card readers are installed at or near the door that they control, so the number of card readers that the access control device includes depends on the number of doors to which access is limited.



Another entry tool is access control keypads. You will punch a code on a numeric keypad instead of checking the access card. You need to enter the right passcode in order to gain access. Instead of card readers, keypads are often used and often along with card readers. A door may have a card reader and a keypad for an extra layer of security, requiring an access card and a correct passcode in order to gain entry.


Electric Lock Hardware

Your access control system contains the hardware that locks and unlocks the door. Electric locking equipment unlocks the door electronically following a swipe or keypad entry and locks the door again when it closes electronically. Electrical lock hardware such as electric locks, electric strikes, electromagnetic locks, and more is available for various applications. The hardware type used depends on how the door is designed.


In addition to locking the doors electronically and unlocking, electrical locking equipment ensures the doors are opened easily if anyone leaves to follow building regulations and fire codes.


Alarm Systems

Access control is also connected with fire alarms, burglar alarms, and intrusion detection alarms. Your access control device will signal the alarm to go off if an unauthorized individual tries to reach the doors operated by electric lock hardware.


In addition to sounding an alarm, in the case of an emergency, such as a fire, your access control system will temporarily switch off locks that may prevent a building from escaping quickly.


Field Panels

Field panels are control panels connecting the other aspects of your access control system including card readers, hardware keypads, and many more. For processing the access control for the whole building access panels are used.


The number of panels will be calculated according to the size of the building, the device size, and the depth of the system. In telephone, electrical, or communications cabinet panels are normally installed.


Access Control Software

The brain of your whole device is the access control program. It is the system's primary database and file manager. It tracks the activities of the system and distributes information from and to the building field panels. This program is running on a standard computer.


You would usually have a device equipped with this program and devoted to the complete use of the software. A hospital with two buildings will need to allow people who work in each building or on each floor to different levels of access. A domestic and regional company can develop security policies at each branch of its headquarters.


Every such situation can be handled in a customizable access control system that allows access to several sites and implements them.


Adel Autodoors is a multinational organization offering residential units electronic protection and access control solutions. Adel Autodoors focuses on shielding residences and workplaces from different elements including accidents and fires. It also provides an exclusive solution for businesses looking to create a smart office environment that links various agencies and IoT devices to the physical access control system.


Being the most sought after access control system companies,we have thousands of access choices for your company, including costly local systems running on your specific server to personalized cloud-based access management systems that provide hundreds of features and over-the-air modified (OTA) features.


Large corporations can opt-in for a local control panel system with thousands of dollars, while small firms can find programs to charge their budget monthly. As one amongst the premium access control system companies in UAE,Adel Autodoors saves time and money for your company. In less than an hour, the device can be set up.


This will include 24/7 emergency dispatch and instant notices to protect every inch of your property from breaks, power failures, leakage, and harmful change in temperature. You do not have to worry if your company is safe.




  • What Are Access Control Systems?
  • How Are Access Control Systems Installed?

    Once you get in touch with AL Adel, one of our representatives will be with us to discuss your security needs. We will visit the premises, and then during the installation process, we will provide the hardware for the physical access system, complete with door switches, card or fob reader and control panel. We will also provide a server which will have all the users in its database, and once the installation is complete, you can customise the access times and locations of the employees. Once the employee shows the card at the reader or punches in the code, there will be a frequency through which the user’s access is verified. If the verification is successful, the door is unlocked, if not then the concerned authorities will be alerted.

  • Do Access Control Systems Work When the Power Is Out?

    As one of the best access control system companies In UAE, we provide all encompassing service. Yes, the access control systems will work since they are fitted with batteries, so there will be a backup period until the batteries run out. In case, there is a malfunction or if the battery is draining, and you still don’t have power you can reach out to us immediately, as we are fully equipped to deal with power failures.

  • Does the System Just Work on Doors?

    Would you like to know more about how to install and incorporate access control systems on your existing security system? Get in touch with us and we can discuss more about this on a call or in person.

  • Can an access control system be integrated with other systems?

    We can integrate your access control system with other third party systems. Call us to know more about how this can be done as this will be based on what kind of systems you need to integrate.

  • What is biometric access control?

    Biometric access control system is a digital entry system that controls the physical entry of a person or persons into a building by using biometric technologies. The technology uses the latest innovative methods to identify a person when they try to gain entry. Once the person’s identity is verified, the door will open. The recognition methods vary; it could be fingerprint recognition, facial recognition, palm recognition, eyeball recognition and so on.

  • Can I use a smartphone for access control?

    Yes, you can use smartphones for accessing some of the access control systems. They use Bluetooth or NFC for this.

  • Can exist cards be used on a new system?

    When you get in touch with us with your requirement, we will visit the location to have a look at the system that’s on your premises and assess the situation, and give you feedback accordingly. We provide the best service among access control system companies In UAE.

  • What happens if an access card is lost or stolen?

    The loss of an access card can be detrimental to the safety of the workers and put the security of the physical assets at risk as well. This means the access card can be used by unauthorised personnel. So as soon as you note that the access card is stolen, get in touch with us so we can block the card, and provide a replacement.

  • What are the accessories required for an access control system?

    The accessories are as follows: Electromagnetic Lock or Magnetic Lock, Fingerprint-based Biometric Exit Reader, U-Brackets, L-Brackets, door control accessories among other accessories control accessories.

  • What happens to the access control system if there is an internet outage?

    If the access control system is a standalone system, then it will not be affected by network outage since it is run completely from a local machine.

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