About Us

AL ADEL AUTO DOORS is one of UAE's best manufacturers of automatic swing gates. We are specialized in manufacturing systems capable of meeting rising demands for protection in the home, public and commercial environments. We are a company associated with the BENINCA Group. We are experienced in the supply to manufacturing units, warehouses, hospitals, centres, educational institutions, etc of automated sensor gates, remote control gates, boom barriers, automated pads etc.

At AL ADEL AUTO DOORS as the manufacturer of automatic swing gates in UAE, we seek to provide organizations with the latest technology and to fill the current void in the access control industry by providing solutions that improve daily life and safe physical premises. Our revolutionary technologies meet your physical safety requirements and exceed them, not only with the world's latest products, but also through strategic consultations that deliver actionable intelligence.


Founded as a one-stop manufacturer for companies offering specialized physical security services, AL ADEL AUTO DOORS was developed by passionate technology professionals. We are a manufacturer for a wide variety of products including solution & services for access control, biometrics, electromagnetic locks, door automation, automatic swing gates and automated parking management solutions. We help you develop essential security management infrastructure, which can provide you with precision when defining and monitoring times and transform conventional doors into intelligent access systems. Today we can proudly say that we are the most sought after access system and manufacturers in UAE.

Features of Our Products

  • Using high quality steel for all sliding door components
  • Designed to suit the unique needs of the single or double slopes
  • Usage of the highest nylon rollers that guarantee smooth operation
  • You don't have to push electric devices manually as they allow automatic and close functions
  • CNC top and bottom rollers are of high quality
  • Also available for comfortable use with integrated hinged / sliding form
  • Usage of the new automation and energy management technologies In case of power failure, sliding gates can also be manually controlled
  • There is separate control to stop the door as it moves
  • Each end is supplied with a powerful stop to absorb any impact and hold the door when there is an emergency
  • Built to conserve space adaptable to any structural situation Efficient and maintenance performance

AL ADEL AUTO DOORS is your most trusted partner in terms of manufacturer of automatic swing gates, who is able to guarantee the highest physical protection with an outstanding customer base in the UAE region and with good partnerships with global technology leaders. With realistic and scalable solutions, our team of digital and physical security technology experts will improve security infrastructure. We provide additional value such as fair pricing and support for remote technologies. Renowned as the top manufacturer in UAE we give our clients tailor-made solutions with access control (biometric and non-biometric) and cloud infrastructure for today's digitally linked business environments..

Both the nature and the materials used in our manufacture offer the strength of our automatic swing gates. Our products are designed to withstand the extremes of:

We built a large distribution, engineering and satisfied customers network in just a few years. Our retention rate is therefore one of the best in the industry.
The motivating factor behind AL ADEL AUTO DOORS excellent product quality and service is a large number of well-trained and effective employees. Our employees carry on our proud heritage from our corporate office to our national distribution, support teams, and provide 100 percent of customer service across the world.
With its high quality, honesty and service dedication, AL ADEL AUTO DOORS was established. The foundations of AL ADEL AUTO DOORS are those ideals established by our main company even today and living on these core values is just as important as it was in the past for our success today.
We have a safe and sophisticated infrastructure fitted with advanced technologies to fulfill our customers' quality needs by manufacturing automatic swing gates. In order to produce an international standard batch, we have a method of quality control and equilibrium at all stages of our production cycle. We have new plant installations to streamline the manufacturing process and supply bulk consignments in a timely manner. Our production unit has the best batteries and imported high-tech equipment to speed up the production of superior door solutions which has made us a leading manufacturer of automatic swing gates throughout the UAE. 
Being the best automatic swing gates manufacturer in UAE, our state-of-the-art training and application center offers our high quality doors for our clients to look at the quality and features of the products offered.
The three key factors to achieve the best for industrial customers are consistency, timely delivery and durable goods, and our work really illustrates those factors that make us a genuinely established door and shutter manufacturer. 
This passion and dedication to quality drives us to constantly strive for better benefits to our customers, by meeting or exceeding all requirements and standards. We believe in providing high-quality, cutting-edge, and energy efficient products 
Your search  ends here. You no longer need to check for various manufacturers and suppliers of automatic swing gates in UAE because we deliver all your needs under a single roof – from site analysis to installation to operation. Hurry up!!! Hurry up!!!  contact us now.
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