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Swing Gate - BOB50


Swing Gate - BOB50

We manufacture as well as supply a wide range of Automatic Swing Gates across the UAE that exceed standard. These are popular in the market for their non-corrosive properties. The built-in antifreeze device is used to protect automatic systems from damage. These offered goods are widely appreciated, manufactured according to industry-specific requirements. Today we are the number one Automatic Swing Gates Manufacturer UAE.

Swing gates automation motorgear designed with high quality materials.

  • Patented gears and a solid metal mechanic make BOB a true reference point for big size residential swing gates automations.
  • The BOB is available in both versions with encoder, 230Vac (BOB50 M) and 24Vdc (BOB5024E).
  • During gate service this unit ensures optimum security and accuracy.
  • Even if power failure takes place through the battery pack, BOB5024E will work.
  • Efficient electricity
  • Safe and easy to maintain
  • Gives long term performance
  • Models with regular, heavy and intensive tariff rating available
  • Electromechanical actuators ensure highly maintenance free and silent operation
  • Built-in anti-crushing safety
  • Provision for manual operation in case of power failure.
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Swing Gate - BOB50

Swing Gate Accessories

Photo cells In UAE

Adel Auto Doors has stock for accessories, such as photocells, flashing lights, remote lights, etc, that are unavoidable for automatic swing gates. Being the best automatic swing gates manufacturer UAE. The key attraction of the business is that we have a strong record and experience in this sector in the UAE over the past 10 years directly with the producer and adelsutodoors.
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