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Glass Sliding Doors UAE


As the top industrial doors supplier UAE, Al Adel Auto Doors is the leading provider of industrial doors in the United Arab Emirates, providing superior solutions that are specifically designed to satisfy the demands of industrial settings. Our selection of industrial doors includes a wide range of designs and features to guarantee top performance and toughness in challenging environments.


Apart from offering premium industrial doors, we also offer professional installation and maintenance services to guarantee smooth integration and continuous operation. Small warehouses to massive manufacturing facilities—all installations of any size can be handled by our knowledgeable and experienced team of professionals. In order to minimise downtime and maximise productivity for our clients, we place a high priority on efficiency and precision in every installation job.

In addition, as the industrial doors supplier UAE we provide thorough repair services to take care of any problems that could develop with industrial doors over time. You can count on us to quickly and efficiently return your industrial doors to ideal operating condition, regardless of the extent of the modification or significant repair.


  • Durability: Our industrial doors are made to last in the most demanding circumstances thanks to their sturdy construction and premium materials. They are designed to handle the rigours of industrial situations.

  • Customization: We provide customised solutions that are suited to your particular requirements because we recognise that every industrial site has different requirements. We collaborate closely with you to determine the dimensions, design, functionality, and security features of industrial doors that will best meet your operating objectives.

  • Security: As industrial locations require a high level of security, our industrial doors are made with this in mind. Our doors are built with reinforced structure and cutting-edge locking technologies, so you know they will dependable secure your assets and facility.

  • Energy Efficiency: Being the top industrial doors supplier UAE, our industrial doors are designed to have the least possible negative impact on the environment and maximise energy efficiency. We provide energy-efficient automation systems and insulated panels, among other solutions that put sustainability first without sacrificing functionality.

  • Expertise: With years of expertise in the field, we are known for providing high-quality industrial door supplies and maintenance. Our team of professionals are always available to provide our clients with the best possible products and services, guaranteeing them total happiness.

Choose Al Adel Auto Doors as your trusted partner for industrial doors supplier UAE, and experience the difference in quality, reliability, and performance.

AL ADEL AUTO DOORS, the best industrial doors supplier UAE 'exclusive curved sliding door setscan provide an attractive and individual atmosphere for your entry area. The doors may be formed as half-circles and externally or internally curved segments, as full-circle configurations, and even as units of oval and double-segment-almost anything is possible.
Al Adel Auto Doors supplies curved and semi-circular Manusa doors to allow the development of unique and elegant entrances without losing the functionality of a sliding door. Al Adel Auto Doors is a leading supplier of curved sliding doors for hospitals and industries in UAE.

Main features of our curved sliding doors:  

  • The probability of various curvature radii and degrees.
  • Combining two curved doors enables a circular door to be formed.
  • Maximum protection.
  • Bi-part opening of the single-slide leaf.
  • Sizes, finish options and colours are entirely customizable.
  • The unique design enables singular and practical entrances to be built.
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Swing Gate - BOB50



In Dubai, we are the leading supplier of Manusa Sliding Doors, which meets the highest safety requirements using state-of-the-art and resourceful engineering technology. Being the best industrial doors supplier UAE, we are dedicated to manufacturing and delivering Sliding Doors of high quality and high performance to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

  • A single building part incorporates automatic doors with fire doors.
  • Separating roles inside the same building to delimit spaces.
  • Sliding Doors for MALLS
  • Sliding Doors for HOSPITAL
  • Sliding Doors for INDUSTRIES
  • Sliding Door for Entrances
  • Security at its maximum.
  • The door is approved according to existing central or lateral opening requirements.
  • Completely adjustable in dimensions, finishes, and colours (according to tests).
  • A wide selection of accessories.
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Swing Gate - BOB50

Telescopic Sliding Doors

Telescopic Door

Get your Doors from the best Industrial Doors Supplier UAE

We are well known as a supplier of Telescopic Sliding Gate in UAE which is a perfect solution for those who can not render a single side sliding arrangement because of very little space and/or no runoff. Two, three or more gate panels are produced by our Telescopic Sliding Gates, minimizing the necessary back / run parking space. All products are designed using graduated steel material with a powerful electric motor and a sophisticated smart management system with improved operation, feature and appearance. For hospitals and industries with medium to heavy duty applications and for very large openings, our automatic telescopic sliding gates are suitable. Our sliding telescopic gate is operated by a specially built telescopic mechanism that pushes each gate panel at a different speed to simultaneously reach the final location. Some of our sliding gates' remarkable features are-convenient, safer, more practical, highly durable, less space, and improving visual appeal.

We are UAE's leading suppliers of telescopic doors for hospitals and industries in UAE, which meet the highest safety standards with state of the art engineering technology. We are committed to manufacturing high quality electric sliding doors that ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

Main features

  • Quite broad crossing.
  • Great for limited space entrances.
  • Recommended for high traffic entrances and exits.
  • Best protection.
  • Opening of two-part or one-slide leaf.
  • Fully adaptable in sizes , colours, and finishes.
  • Broad variety of available accessories
  • Manual operation for lack of control
  • Internal thermal switch-protected engine
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