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Stainless Steel Bollard Automatic Bollards in UAE

All our high safety bollards have been checked to ensure a high safety standard. They are hostile vehicle mitigation solutions, securing roads or perimeters from a hostile-minded vehicle while allowing free movement for pedestrians. Being the leading stainless steel bollard supplier UAE, the bollards that we supply in UAE are suitable for places that take into account public attitudes and aesthetics, but still need a high degree of protection. Shopping malls, stadiums, airports, leisure facilities , public areas and urban centers are areas where the effect of static and automated bollards as a protection solution will be considered. Static (passive) bollards are available for public areas as a fixed or removable solution. The vehicle access can be monitored by automated active bollards. All our systems are hydraulic automatic bollards that are reliable and robust. Adel car doors is specialist in the supply of all sorts of Stainless Steel Bollards. The bollards are made in Italy and are supplied by AL Adel Auto Doors in the UAE. We are renowned as the best stainless steel bollard supplier UAE.

Main features of our Stainless Steel Bollards are:

  • High number of cycles and low power consumption of Stainless Steel Bollards
  • The central group with UPS is able to function even if a power failure occurs
  • The foundation box can be quickly and easily mounted without soldering on site
  • Packed with communication bus RS485 and Ethernet link via TCP / IP
  • Integrated obstacle and aerometric system encoder
  • With anti-vandal feature which enables a forced command to be detected, a bollard to be reset and alarm triggered
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