Automation Door for Hospital

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Automatic Door For Hospitals

Automatic Door For Hospitals


It is not sufficient to supply only a smart, robust and reliable door. For all types of applications, the door must be fitted with an acceptable set of functional and safe control accessories. Al Adel automatic doors' long experience in supplying the automatic doors for hospitals enables us to deliver a variety of high-quality pushbuttons, remote controls, radio controls, magnetic loops, selector switches, technology-based radars and photocells.
Al Adel automatic doors provide inventories for various types of doors used in hospitals. Distinguished as the best hospital doors supplier in UAE, we have a wide range of stock of sliding doors for hospitals, hermetic doors for hospitals, telescopic doors for hospitals and sectional doors. We are one of the most sought after hospital doors supplier in UAE. We supply the following kinds of automatic doors for hospitals in UAE.
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Hermetic Glass Door For ICU

Hermetic Glass Door For ICU

Doors for ICU

Hermetic glass Clear View doors

For clean room environments where the demands of hygiene and infection prevention are strong in hospitals , laboratories and other facilities the Hermetic sliding door is built. And AL Adel is a leading supplier of hermetic glass clear view doors in UAE at the present time.

The hermetic sliding door system has been built particularly for areas that require safe , hygienic, well-dressing doors. It provides an airtight sealed entrance for clean rooms, such as theatres, pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, food preparation facilities and laboratories.

Thanks to its high visibility function, Adel automatic door trading is suitable for observation and ICU rooms as well as isolating the room to keep it air tight.

Main features of or Hermetic doors are:

  • Hermetic doors with glass, suitable for observation rooms.
  • Allows absolute control of the room's interior.
  • To maintain and ensure hermetic tightness, the entirety of the door is built.
  • It maintains the optimal pressure, temperature and humidity conditions, despite its transparency.
  • The whole door is intended to guarantee hygiene.
  • Maximum protection.
  • Sizes, finish options and colours are entirely customizable.
  • A wide variety of available accessories.
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Hermetic Sliding Doors

Hermetic Sliding Doors

Sliding Door

For healthcare isolation environments that require both high hygiene and maximum space, hermetic sliding doors are ideal. Adel automatic doors have hermetic sliding doors guarantee air tightness thanks to its unique features. Wide range of finish options and functionalities to adapt it to any architectural project.

Main features of our hermetic doors are:

  • The totality of the door is designed to guarantee and ensure hermetic tightness.
  • Guaranteed hygiene thanks to materials such as stainless steel or high density laminate.
  • Elegant design flush-view panel and easy cleaning.
  • Maximum security.
  • Secure , reliable, low maintenance with no necessary floor track.
  • Sliding doors have improved access and need less room than doors with hinges.
  • Doors can be automated to allow free access for hands and reduce the spread of bacteria.
  • Bi-part or single-slide leaf opening.
  • Fully customizable sizes, finish options and colours.
  • Wide range of accessories available.
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Hermetic Swing Doors For Hospitals

Hermetic Swing Doors For Hospitals

Hermetic Doors

In order to incorporate practical hermetic doors, the hermetic swing doors respect the aesthetics of the building, adapt to it or be the feature that makes the difference. Through the combination of materials and design, these doors, specifically built for the healthcare sector, reflect an advance in creating hermetic spaces. With all our items, as a supplier of hermetic swing doors we provide the guaranteed protection. Thanks to all the flexible solutions we provide, they are adaptable to various environments and to each customer's needs.

AL Adel auto door is a leading supplier of Hospital doors in UAE.

Main features

  • The entire hermetic swing doors are built to ensure hermetic tightness.
  • Thanks to materials such as stainless steel or high density laminate, guaranteed hygiene.
  • Elegant flush-view panel style and ease of cleaning.
  • Maximum protection.
  • One leaf or a double one.
  • The door as a whole is intended to guarantee hygiene.
  • Sizes, finish options and colours are entirely customizable.
  • A wide variety of available accessories.
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