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Swing Gate - BOB50

Automatic Pedestrian Swing Door Opener In Dubai

Swing Door opener

AL Adel auto door supplies a complete range of solutions for pedestrian sliding doors, regardless of the need and performance required. They are easy to set up, together with all styles of furnishings with aesthetic solutions. Solutions for better protection and faster access to escape roads are also possible with anti-panic instruments. Being one of the finest pedestrian doors supplier UAE, AL Adel auto door is a supplier of pedestrian doors with advanced features in all over UAE. Quality product blended with excellent service has turned us into the number one pedestrian doors supplier UAE.

Main features of our PedestrianSwing Door opener are:

  • Great strength, perfect management
  • High door efficiency up to 200 kg
  • Opening engine and shutting of spring / engine
  • Limited energy protection mode
  • Regulated encoder
  • Available battery backup
  • European Standards Fire Resistance Certification (SP Sitac Fire Tested)
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Swing Gate - BOB50

Flap Barrier

Flap Barrier IN UAE

It is a difficult job to ensure protection and crowd control at the entrance in high-flow areas. AL Adel Auto Door has become a leading supplier of Flap Barrier in the UAE to facilitate this difficult mission.

It has the ability to monitor and secure access, built to control foot entry, allowing only one person at a time. The flap barrier that we supply is suitable for rapid sorting with medium to low safety requirements. The larger-pass version also makes the flap barriers available for wheelchair users, prams and transport of materials.

Different modules allow for optimum spatial change, multiple users and several other demands. It comes with Short opening times of 0.3 seconds for a high transmission frequency

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Swing Gate - BOB50

Turnstile Barrier

Turnstile In Dubai

AL Adel Auto Door is one of the greatest suppliers of turnstile barriers in UAE. Specially used for opening and closing of workers' exit and entry, such as canteens, hotels, building of offices, museums, clubs, subway lines, stations, terminals, tourist attractions and other locations, turnstile models are space-efficient security towers. An automatic adjuster hydraulic shock absorber provides the rotation of a three-stick turning mechanism. The sound is tiny without a strike, and the brake lever automatically slows down when the turnstile is used. The turnstile barriers supplied by us in Dubai is trustworthy.

The durable steel housings and fasteners are ideal for outdoor applications as well as for inappropriate use (optionally). The MPP is flexible: with many applications a great traffic volume can be easily processed, while a single turnstile can be used as input and output with the bidirectional service. The MPP is also well suited for emergencies, with the upper arm folding down and clearing the passage as emergency escape in case of an electric failure or an alarm signal. The upper arm folds down with the drop arm (option).

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