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Heavy Duty Barriers in UAE

Heavy Duty Barriers in Abu Dhabi

About the product Details – Specifications, Features

Our heavy-duty barriers are designed to provide the highest levels of protection from unauthorized vehicle access and forced entry to your buildings. Our barriers have multiple applications where we provide security based on what you need. We can integrate features based on the level of security you need for your building. Our heavy duty barriers are made of recyclable polymer and come with reduced carbon footprint when compared to traditional materials like steel. They are extremely strong, and have a built-in memory to flex and rebound from impacts.

Benefits of Installing heavy duty barriers

Adel Auto Doors provide high quality heavy duty barriers in UAE that will protect the area from unauthorized vehicles. You can enjoy security, safety and access control. The heavy duty barriers come in different attractive colors so motorists would be able to see it quickly, and be warned that they are not allowed to pass through a particular area.

If you are conducting an event in an open area, and want to restrict vehicles from entering the area, or want to protect pedestrians, then this would be a great option.

Different Applications heavy duty barriers

Our heavy duty barriers in Abu Dhabi are so robust and versatile that you can use them practically any place where security and safety are paramount. They are strong enough to withstand high-impact crashes and so you can install them in:

  • Government buildings
  • Airports
  • Industries
  • Manufacturing units, facilities and plants
  • Ports and harbors
  • Public events
  • Commercial and Retail properties
  • Traffic control
  • Hospitals, clinics and other healthcare centers
  • High profile corporate offices
  • Military bases
  • Prisons
  • parking grounds
  • Stadiums and arenas

Benefits of Using Heavy Duty Barriers for Crowd Control

You can buy our heavy duty barriers in Abu Dhabi if you want to manage your crowd or keep traffic away. We provide the barriers on a permanent or temporary basis depending on how long you want the traffic to be controlled. If you have an event or want to manage a large crowd in your commercial center these barriers would help control the crowd, and keep them orderly and disciplined. This is much better than having a staff directing the traffic. We aim to make things for you by providing guidance on buying the barriers, and choosing the best for your needs.   

Maintenance of heavy-duty barriers

We will help you maintain the barriers to ensure their continued functionality, reliability and durability. We will do regular inspections to check for wear, damage or corrosion, and then replace the ones that seem badly damaged. During the visual inspection, we will check the structural components and moving parts and do the lubrication on the moving parts or hinges. Sometimes, the barriers need to be cleaned as they might have dirt, debris or even environmental contaminants. These will have to be cleaned using non-abrasive materials.

Why to Choose Adel Auto Doors

We have an unrivaled relationship with our clients, mainly because of the quality of  materials we use for the heavy duty barriers. They are robust, very strong and very durable.  We pride ourselves in providing great service at comparative rates. Contact us to know more about how we can provide better traffic and crowd control in your premises.

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