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Swing Gate - BOB50

Roll Up Doors in UAE - High Speed

Roll Up Doors

We also supply rolling shutter doors in UAE. Rolling shutter doors at the entrance or exit of a building or space are vertical rolling metal door barriers. They are available as isolated, single skin, and either Fire Rating or Non Fire Rating. The basic design is made of horizontal sheets, side guides, bottom bar, barrel mounting and cap cover. The materials available for rolling shutters are stainless steel, standard steel and aluminum. You can either motorize or control the shutters manually. In most warehouses and factories Industrial rolling shutter is suitable for use. We can say with assurance that we are one of the best rolling shutter suppliers in UAE.
For automatic doors in the UAE, the Manusaaluminum high-speed roll-up gate is designed to ensure air resistance and to maintain high air pressure levels. AL Adel Auto Door, with its cost-efficient strategy, is a leading supplier of Rolling Shutter in the UAE.
Main features of our rolling up doors are:
  • It provides superior airtightness and can sustain predetermined levels of pressure in laboratories or food processors.
  • Matt silver anodized aluminum structure, screws and structural finishes in stainless steel.
  • Optional lacquered finish for RAL.
  • Different curtain colours or custom screen printing are possible.
  • Option of adding transparent vision panels
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Swing Gate - BOB50

Rolling Gate Shutter

Rolling Garage Door

Rolling Shutters & Rolling Grilles –Economical, sturdy and reliable

Motorized rolling shutters are the perfect solution for defense against burglaries, theft, storms and safety issues. The most commonly used rolling shutters are very simple to work with and low maintenance requirements. Being the finest rolling shutter suppliers in UAE we sell shutters that are ideally suited for factories, distribution plants, industrial units, malls, garages and large openings. 
In the UAE we are the leading manufacturers and suppliers of rolling shutter doors and rolling gates that meet all your requirements with the use of state-of-the-art engineering technology, economic performance, protection and comfort. We dedicate ourselves to manufacturing high-quality rolling shutters and results that ensure maximum customer satisfaction. Our roller shutters help you reduce noise, control artificial light and optimize your working space for energy efficiency.
  • Fabricated with the highest material quality for long-term success
  • The operator can easily change speed, slow-down speed and power breakage
  • Single Push Button Quick to work
  • In case of power loss, the hand crank or chain drive is also supplied manually.
  • Using the new automation technologies
  • The bottom edge is fitted with an EPDM profile for floor screening and wind and water safety
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Swing Gate - BOB50

Sectional Overhead Doors -Industrial Doors

Sectional Doors

Get Your Roll up Doors from the Rolling Shutter Suppliers In UAE

As a supplier of Overhead sectional doors we are famous in UAE. These doors are suitable in circumstances where headrooms are small and the space required for a roller shutter is inadequate. This type of door slides up on side corners that continue to the roof so as to maximize the aperture when the door is open. Our overhead sectional doors are ideal for many industrial and commercial environments thanks to their isolation and sound reducing qualities. A foam nucleus between the internal and external sheets of the door panels prevents heat or cold transfer, which results in a thermal efficiency that transcends building norms. These high-quality doors are highly durable and have long service systems. In case of unintended damage to the door, replacement components can be easily repaired. We have high quality automatic garage doors. Al Adel Auto Door is a leading supplier of sectional overhead doors in UAE and the best automatic garage doors supplier UAE with its cost efficient and quality products policy.
Main features of our sectional overhead doors are:
  • Crafted from raw material of prime quality
  • Small, robust and reliable to ensure long-term productivity
  • Robust construction resistant to degradation and regular wear and tear of soil and rain
  • Single Push Button Quick to work
  • In case of power loss, the hand crank or chain drive is also supplied manually.
  • Adapted to particular requirements
  • Usage of the new automation and energy management technologies
  • Built to conserve space adaptable to any structural situation
  • Suitable for private, business and industrial applications
  • Efficient and maintenance performance
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