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How To Take The Advantages Of Modern Automatic Sliding Gates

Until some time back, sliding gates were more commonly used in commercial and industrial spaces. But many homeowners have realised the importance and benefits of sliding doors, that they have begun to use them for residential purposes. In this blog, let’s examine the multiple benefits associated with sliding doors, and how you can get an Automatic Sliding Doors Suppliers In UAE for your property.

Doors can be pretty intimidating to people, especially when they see large buildings with big imposing gates. Automatic sliding doors sense the presence of humans and open out to them, so your visitors don’t have to do the actual job of opening the gate. Automatic sliding doors to a building are definitely welcoming and it naturally puts their minds at ease. Similarly, there are several other benefits to this, irrespective of whether they are placed at a residential complex or commercial building. This blog is all about that.

Importance of automatic Sliding Doors supplier UAE

If you have a credible company as your Al Adel Automatic Doors, you have nothing to worry. Here are some benefits you can enjoy with their services:

Privacy levels are impressive

You will scare all those curious loiters away. The automatic doors open by sensing a presence, namely, the heat of the person. So if someone comes too close to the automatic sliding door UAE, it will immediately sound an alarm and open it. This will prevent people from just coming close and peering, just for fun’s sake. It just keeps the intruders out. So the obvious benefit is increased privacy and security.

Cost-effective solution

Did you know that getting a high quality doors supplier in UAE will save you a lot of money as well? Yes, that’s right because insurance people will see you as a responsible citizen who really values their property, honestly. Insurance companies love people who are extra-cautious about the safety of their property, as it would increase the value of their home and reduce the instance of theft. A safe home always has the highest market value too.

Beautiful designs suitable for all kinds of complexes

The Automatic sliding doors supplier UAE has all kinds of intricate designs suitable for different purposes. There are ones that are plain and no nonsense, they would be good for industrial and commercial complexes. The intricately carved designs would be just awesome for a residential complex, and if you live in an affluent area, you will be impressed by the options.

No more getting down from the car to open the gate

With automatic garage door UAE, you don’t have to get down from the car, and wait for someone else to open the gate. Just drive up to the car, and watch the door automatically open up for you. Similarly, if the weather is bad, and it’s pouring, you can sit in the car and wait for it to open up.

Space saving

You know that swinging gates can take up some space as they literally have to open to the sides. With the sliding gate, the gate itself can open up to the sides of the fence and so you don’t have to leave space for the gate separately. This is a great option for homeowners who cannot afford to have more space in their front yard.

There are different options to opening the sliding gate

The Automatic Sliding Doors Suppliers In UAE would give you multiple options to open the sliding door. You can use the card reader, remote control, the intercom, code pads etc to open it. It depends on what level of sophistication you need with it.


Sliding gates from Al Adel Auto Doors can most certainly take the security and sophistication of your home to a different level. While choosing one for your home, make sure you get the right kind, because different doors suit different levels of duty depending on duty and traffic.


Take the Advantages of Modern Automatic Sliding Gates

Some individuals prefer to have an attractive gate that also provides security, thus they choose sliding automatic gates UAE. It is not surprising that this type of modern technology has recently grown in popularity given the more tech-savvy society we live in and the number of homeowners who prefer less manual labour in an effort to save time.

It is ideal for people who want their gates to perform as conveniently as possible without sacrificing looks. Here let’s see some of the benefits of having automatic sliding gates.

  • Convenient and Ease of Use

When something is automated, life generally seems to operate more smoothly. This is the reason why so many people choose sliding automatic gates UAE over the traditional method of manually cranking up that arm.

Additionally, due of the ease that automatic gates provide, more homes are buying them today. Being forced to exit your car each time you need to open or close the gate can be very annoying, especially in bad weather. Automatic slide gate openers provide a variety of operation control options, including the use of a remote control, a control App on your smartphone, or just typing a PIN on a keypad.

  • Safety

The automatic gate incorporates safety features, so you don’t have to worry about it closing and harming your car or accidentally hitting someone. We’ve all witnessed how lift sensors keep doors from closing while someone is trying to pass through them. A “stop and reverse” mechanism is employed by an automated gate in a similar manner.

The gate also raises the level of safety for your kids and dogs because it does not open automatically, regardless of the amount of tinkering. Manual gates run the risk of being improperly closed and of being opened by your child if they are tinkered with.

  • Adaptability

An existing gate can be replaced with sliding automatic gates UAE in the same way as doors and windows can. You can enjoy the convenience by adding automated sliding gate openers to your manual gate.

These devices also exist in a variety of shapes and designs, and their horsepower (HP) and weight capacities vary. Therefore, regardless of the gate, you can select an opener that meets your requirements exactly.

  • Relatively Affordable

sliding automatic gates UAE are reasonably priced since they take into account various budgets, depending on the type you select.

Your device will cost more the higher the level of technology it has. This is one of the key advantages that each homeowner ought to think about before making a purchase.

  • Less Space

When you choose to install automated sliding gates for your property, issues with landscaping and parking space capacity are no longer an issue. Since they slide rather than swing inside or outside, parking lots and landscaping are unaffected.

Slide gates are the perfect answer for residents of communities with constrained driveways, sidewalks, or streets because they don’t have enough room for a conventional swing-arm operator.

Looking for the best Automatic Sliding Doors Suppliers In UAE?

Al Adel has a solid reputation for having a large customer base, providing above-average services to ensure customer satisfaction, and looking forward to developing stronger business ties in the future. Our entire selection of automatic sliding doors can be tailored to your specific requirements. Additionally, each component is thoroughly tested to ensure a quick and trouble-free installation.


7 Hospital Doors Expert Tips for Choosing the Right One

The greatest levels of hygiene are required in hospitals, and cleanliness and design go beyond just boosting the hygiene element. Any modern hospital must take efficiency, cost, material, and time into account while developing it.

Speaking of doors, there are numerous hospital door suppliers in UAE that provide a cutting-edge idea of contemporary wooden doors with factory finished door sets to fit specific needs like hospitals.

Being one of the best industrial door supplier UAE, we outline seven important factors to think about before buying hospital doors to help you choose the best choice that satisfies all of your design requirements.

  • Weight and Durability

The weight of the door is one of the most important things to think about before investing in hospital doors since it will affect how people open and close the door and how frequently they travel through them.

The doors you choose should be easy to open and strong enough to withstand repeated impact. The majority of the time, nurses or hospital workers push open these doors with their shoulders, heels, or backs while wheeling beds, wheelchairs, and trolleys through them. The doors’ durability and ease of usage must be the most important factors in this situation.

  • Seals

In order to keep out things like dust, pollutants, and insects, hospital doors must have tight seals. It is essential to have an airtight, durable door seal that leaves little to no room for pollutants and harbourage.

It must be demonstrated that the seal will be effective over an extended length of time in areas where build-up is most likely to occur.

  • Speed

When it comes to hospitals, response times might be the difference between life and death. Therefore, it’s crucial that hospital corridor doors and frames are made in a way that allows for maximum efficiency and speed while keeping hygienic standards and durability.

In hospitals, swing doors are rather prevalent. The speed of the door depends on the weight, resistance, and swing buffers that the bearings give. So that they can open quickly and don’t put a strain on the hinges, they should be lightweight.

  • Materials

When making an investment in hospital doors, the material should be a key factor in your decision. Try to choose doors with employing cutting-edge technology and materials of the highest calibre, such as engineered wood and ironmongery.

They provide great functioning, are ready to be installed, and improve the hospital’s appearance and atmosphere. Hospital doors must also include radiation shielding and sound absorption features. In terms of surfacing, paint, laminates, and wood veneers are all alternatives.

  • Hygiene

When choosing hospital doors, hygiene is a crucial consideration. This is because everything in a hospital is connected to health and hygiene, which is one of the most important factors in determining the hospital’s reputation and dependability.

You need doors that are simple to clean and have antibacterial qualities to stop the spread of any infection.

  • Security

Modern entry doors can be built of steel, wood, or fibreglass, and all three are roughly comparable in terms of strength when it comes to security. They fall short at the locking system. A deadbolt that is at least an inch long and a strengthened metal striking plate are things to look for in a door.

If you decide on a front door with a side window or window, the armoured glass should have two certifications: sledgehammer and bulletproof. Glass should be glazed as well to help prevent break-ins.

  • Swing

Although exterior doors are often made to open in, a custom exterior door may be made to swing out, depending on your demands.


Are you looking for the best Hospital Doors Supplier in UAE? Al Adel has got your back. We are well-positioned to meet any set of requirements due to our extensive selection of premium ready-to-install door sets and frames for hospitals and other facilities needing specialty doorsets.


Uses of Stainless Steel Bollard

Bollards control the entry of vehicles. They can be used to limit the entry of vehicles, slow down the speed of vehicles, safeguard any installations and so on. Bollards can also be made of stainless steel, concrete, aluminium, iron etc. Out of the different kinds of bollards, stainless steel is preferred due to its functionality and many other advantages. Steel bollards appear like small posts and there are different types of steel bollards like fixed, retractable and removable bollards. While looking for stainless steel bollard supplier UAE, you have to choose the best vehicle road blocker supplier UAE. Trusted parking barrier suppliers in UAE will have high quality stainless steel bollards. Al Adel Automatic Doors the leading stainless steel bollard supplier UAE sells top quality steel bollards.

Uses of stainless bollards

The different uses of stainless bollards are discussed below:


Steel bollards help is maintaining the security of a place. It prevents trespassers from entering into a premise and also stops the escape cars from driving off. It also blocks the vehicles from speeding and hitting your property.


Bollards control the traffic. The entry of traffic can be managed effectively with the help of bollards. They can be kept at places to restrict the entry of vehicles to a particular area. It also allows the pedestrians to walk safely since it prevents the entry of vehicles to the areas of pedestrians. Bollards are highly useful in places like universities, shopping malls etc.


Stainless steel bollards are the best option when it comes to the aesthetics of a space. It serves its function without causing any issue to the appearance of a space or a building. It gets blended with other architectural designs easily. Decorative stainless steel bollards are also opted by some to enhance the look of a space.

Larger visual boundary

It may often be misunderstood that bollards reduce the space but in fact bollards help to create a larger visual boundary. Stainless steel bollards can also be custom made. Hence you can design it as per your property and the premise.


Keeping bollard in your premise helps people to notice your business easily and quickly. It will make your property stand out and helps people to access your premise quickly.


Durability is one of the biggest advantages of stainless steel bollards. Stainless steel is robust and long lasting. Keeping them outside will not cause any change to its appearance and it can withstand the different weather conditions easily.


Stainless steel bollards require little or no maintenance. They are non-corrosive and do not incur rust. They are resistant to stains, heat, rain and other environmental factors. They can also be installed hassle free with small cost of installation.


As already stated stainless steel bollards can be custom made and hence they are very versatile. Different shapes such as flat, slopes, dome etc of stainless steel bollards is available. They can be made to complement your premise and building and to give a minimalist appearance to your space.

Contact Al Adel Automatic Doors, stainless steel bollard supplier UAE for your requirement of standard grade bollards.


How To Automate an Existing Garage Door

Nowadays, everyone prefers an automatic system around themselves. And hence, when it comes to a garage door there are innumerable reasons, why people want to get their existing garage door automates. Most of us back off from having an automated garage door mainly because of its high expense of installing a new automatic garage door. But now science ensures its helping hand everywhere, and there are ways to automate your existing garage doors. As one of the most renowned automatic garage doors suppliers in UAE, al adel automatic doors has confronted our client’s demands with all its grace and provided them the best results to automate their existing garage door.

There are some determining factors to assess if your existing garage door can be automated and the cost, time and efficiency of the results depends on them. With our wide experience of being the best automatic garage door suppliers in UAE, we would like to say if your garage door is in good condition, or is young as 1o years, you can most probably enjoy an automated garage door soon.

Determining factors to assess if your garage door can be automated

The condition of your garage door

A garage door can be automated if it is in really good condition as in if it moves freely and easily without rubbing against its own frame or floor while if your garage door is very stiff and it has trouble to move, it can be challenging to automate it. Sometimes, if you do not want to get away with your existing garage door, it can also be automates with some extra effort. We can simply change the mechanism (springs, arm, tracks etc ) and add a motor, which is one of the most cost effective way.

Types of garage doors

When it comes to the type of the garage doors, there are factors to be considered.

If your garage door is traditional up and over doors the main things would be whether the door has tracks that run horizontally back into the garage. now if your garage door is the retractable door, track that run vertically up and down the back of the frame or canopy door. Even though canopy doors are not designed to be motorized, if it is in good condition it can be added with a bow arm to get it motorized. Either a canopy lifting, or a bow arm conversion kit that is fitted against the doors and then attached to the operator boom, can do the job.

All sectional doors can be motorized if it is in good state. Choose the suitable motor type and you can automate your garage doors in no time. All toller doors can also be motorized with the suitable motor.

Conditions with the garage

The main issues that bring challenges to convert your existing garage door to automatic are lack of head rooms, lintels passing through the garage that get in the way of the motor mechanism and there should also be power supply in the garage.

With the best automatic garage doors suppliers or automatic sliding doors suppliers in UAE, renovate your garage doors for no more back breaking to open the heavy doors on your own.


What Are The Various Methods of Maintaining an Automatic Gate Barrier Efficiently?

Automatic gate barriers give security and helps in controlling the movement of vehicle and people in a building or a premise. Al Adel Automatic Doors the leading automatic gate barrier suppliers in UAE provides the best security solutions. Wide range of products and services are offered by us. Some of our products include sliding doors, rolling garage doors, road blockers, pedestrian doors, gate barriers etc. Our sought after products sliding doors and gate barriers are made with sturdy and high grade materials. They are easy to operate and provide protection to your building and premise. Proven efficiency has made us the number one parking barrier suppliers in UAE.

Automatic gate barriers manage and control the entry and exist of vehicles and people to a premise or building. Sensors are used to control the access of people and vehicle.

Benefits of automatic gate barriers
  • Provides high security

Gate barriers are often installed with codes to permit the entry of vehicles and people. Only those with codes recognizable by the barriers can enter into a property. Unauthorized entry and trespasses are thus prevented by gate barriers. It also reduces theft of any kind.

  • Helps to manage visitor flow

Visitor flow can be managed efficiently using gate barriers. Automated system verifies and gives access quickly to vehicles. This reduces traffic and saves time.

  • Logging of vehicles and people

Gate barriers are ideal for identifying and logging the details of entry and exit of vehicles and people. Data can be logged and retrieved quickly and easily.

  • No requirement of additional employees

Establishment employ one or two staff for the verification of entry and exit. With gate barriers this requirement can completely be removed.

  • Available in number of varieties

There are different types of gate barriers with different settings and technology. As per the requirement the ideal gate barrier can be chosen.
Importance and benefits of proper gate and barrier maintenance and the risks associated with lack of maintenance

As mentioned gate barriers offer numerous advantages but improper maintenance of gate and gate barriers can lead to risks. Therefore appropriate maintenance of gate barrier is important.

Efficiency – If regular maintenance and checking of gate barriers is not done on time then over time it may stop to work properly. Checking and repairing not only helps in updating the technology but also helps to correct any errors which have occurred in the system.

Low risk of injury – Injures and accidents can be kept at bay by regular servicing of gates and barriers. An improper system can even lead to death.

Cost – Routine service of gate and security system reduces the chance of incurring large damages thereby reducing unnecessary long term costs.

Lifespan – A properly maintained gate and gate barriers can last for a long period of time.

Various methods of maintaining an automatic gate barrier efficiently

Regular servicing

Regular servicing involves physical service as well as software service. Checking for errors and correcting and updating the system have to be done regularly.

Back-up Battery

It is vital to have adequate back-up battery. Backup battery ensures uninterrupted working of as system. Issues like power cut and fuse problems can cause hindrance in the smooth working of the system.

High speed motor

High speed motor helps in operating the gates quickly. Swift closing and opening of gates is possible by installing these with your system.


For efficient working of gate and gate barriers adequate lubrication of its parts is necessary.

Improved technology and control

Gate barriers having good antenna and proper gate controls ensures good operations and results. Proper management of the system is also possible with this. Improved technology and control helps in the early identification and detection of errors in the system.

Contact Al Adel Automatic Doors, the finest automatic gate barrier suppliers in UAE for your entire requirement regarding automatic gate barriers.


Automated Parking Barrier Systems To Secure Your Premises

Parking barriers are important equipments to ensure the security of a premise. By using parking barriers movement of vehicles and people can be controlled in a better manner. Parking barriers are usually installed in areas where there are large numbers of vehicles like malls, apartments, commercial buildings, toll plazas, railway crossings etc. Automated parking barriers stop any unauthorised entry of vehicles. The barriers work mainly by a software with proper database and operated by a person in charge of the system.

It is very important to have a parking barrier system which works efficiently with no error. Suppliers who offer parking barrier system which are of high quality adhering to the industry standards should be chosen. While selecting a parking system barrier also determine the response time of the system and find the most suitable one for you. Al Adel Automatic Doors, leading parking barrier suppliers in UAE offers extremely functional parking barrier system. We can proudly say that we are one of the most sought after automatic gate barrier suppliers in UAE.

Automated parking barrier systems advantages

Authorised entry of vehicles

Parking gate barriers prevents the entry of unknown vehicles into a premise. Only validated vehicles are permitted through the system to enter into an area where the barrier system has been installed. This will secure your building from trespassers and illegal entry. The log system of the parking gate barrier helps in recording the vehicles which enter and leave a premise. For future reference you can use the data of the log system.

Reduced requirement of human resources

Automated system reduces the requirement of personnel. Parking barriers can be operated and accessed using machinery, hi-tech systems, buttons etc. Therefore the number of people required for monitoring and verification of the system can be reduced.

Less consumption of space

Only a minimum space is essential for installing the parking barriers. They are also easy to handle and install. The barriers of Al Adel are suitable for all kinds of environment they will give you the desired performance effectively. Both People and vehicles are detected efficiently. All kinds vehicles whether they are big or small can go through it.

Handling high frequency traffic

Parking Barriers handle the flow of traffic and eliminate roadblocks and traffic disturbance. They are especially useful in areas where there is large inflow and outflow of vehicles. They also help in saving time. The parking barriers of Al Adel have quick response, thereby enabling the smooth movement of vehicles.

Reliable and Durable

Al Adel parking barriers are highly reliable and durable. They are accurate and operate efficiently. Manufactured using standard grade materials and by utilizing latest technology and authorization system they can be installed anywhere. They can also be easily integrated with the digital security system. They will not get easily broken or damaged. They are also affordable and available at the best market price.

Parking barrier of Al Adel Automatic Doors is one of the topmost products available in the market. Quick response time, efficiency in handling entry and exit, operational efficiency, long term performance are few of the core features of the product.

Contact Al Adel Automatic Doors the number one parking barrier suppliers in UAE today!


Mainly Used Areas of an Wireless Intercom System

Whether commercial or residential, one of the most suitable tools to protect assets is access control systems, manufactured by the access control system companies in UAE. It is a secure and flexible solution that adapts to different needs. Access control refers to technologies (hardware and software) that control the management of access to certain environments. This is the case of companies, condominiums, gyms, educational institutions or any other place where mass access is restricted.

In this sense, the main objective of access control systems is to prevent the entry of unauthorized persons, increasing security and guaranteeing the integrity of people and goods. No wonder, the use of an access control system, such as intercom, has become increasingly common. For properties that need small to medium level of security, investing in professional Intercom System Supplier in UAE would be ideal.

Most used types of access control

The main ones are –

  • Password: It is a technology of easy operation, generally used on simpler systems that require lower levels of security.
  • Access card: It is widely used in corporate environments, both for employees and visitors.
  • Biometry: One of the safest resources available on the market, biometrics is already a reality in commercial and residential areas.
  • Turnstiles: It is one of the most common types of physical access control, combined with identification accessories. It controls access to specific spaces. Get in touch with the best Turnstile Supplier in UAE now if you want to increase the safety and security of your premises.
  • Radio frequency identification: A technology found in garage door access control systems for companies or condominiums where the gate opens automatically when it detects the signal emitted by the tag on the car’s glass. Ask quote from the reputed automatic garage doors supplier UAE now.
Things to consider before buying

There are different solutions that can be adopted to control access to companies, homes and condominiums. Obviously, each of them has different costs, purposes and security levels. In order to identify the most suitable system for each customer, it is essential to know their needs and evaluate the type and number of accesses that they intend to control. When looking for an access control system, be sure to invest in a tool that offers the best features and enables all the benefits.

Residential condominiums can benefit from solutions that, besides controlling the access of people and vehicles to the property, also offer audio and video monitoring systems, clearance for common areas and restrictions on entry into the blocks. In the case of companies, a more robust solution may be necessary, which also covers strategic control in specific areas, as well as servers, warehouses and environments with high-value assets. One of the easiest ways to integrate intercom access control system to your property is by contracting the best Intercom System Supplier in UAE. You can count on professional support since the goal is to provide you with only the best in the field of private security.

Benefits: Monitor the flow of people

Through the entry and exit registration, the access control systems allow to have total control over the flow of people in a certain area. Thus, it is possible to verify the identity of those who entered and left each location, the time at which it happened, the length of stay, the number of people in each environment, and other information that give more veracity to the process.

Reduce operating costs

Access control allows the user to take advantage of technological solutions, which facilitate the operation and reduce the dependence on human resources. This helps to reduce costs with security professionals since the system is able to automate and centralize processes, without the need for the constant presence of an operator.

Increase security

Finally, the main objective of access controls is to increase the security of the site. With the implementation of this type of solution, the chances of unauthorized access to the company or the condominium are reduced, helping to protect assets and people. All information is registered and stored on a server.

Other benefits of Intercom System Supplier in UAE that stand out are agility in the access of residents/employees, restriction of access to risk areas, creation of access list, possibility of locating employees within the company, possibility of integration with the employees’ electronic point system, etc.

Should you invest in intercom system?

Buying an intercom system can be a daunting task without the correct information. However, you may want to consider the key benefits. An intercom allows people to instantly communicate with each other with the push of a button. It will also provide a protective layer of security besides other security measures that you may already have in place. The uses for an intercom system are endless. For more information, consult with the best Intercom System Supplier in UAE. The main attraction for wireless intercom systems is that installation is much easier since no cables are needed. Another advantage is that you can easily move the entire intercom system from one to other place.