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How To Take The Advantages Of Modern Automatic Sliding Gates

Until some time back, sliding gates were more commonly used in commercial and industrial spaces. But many homeowners have realised the importance and benefits of sliding doors, that they have begun to use them for residential purposes. In this blog, let’s examine the multiple benefits associated with sliding doors, and how you can get an Automatic Sliding Doors Suppliers In UAE for your property.

Doors can be pretty intimidating to people, especially when they see large buildings with big imposing gates. Automatic sliding doors sense the presence of humans and open out to them, so your visitors don’t have to do the actual job of opening the gate. Automatic sliding doors to a building are definitely welcoming and it naturally puts their minds at ease. Similarly, there are several other benefits to this, irrespective of whether they are placed at a residential complex or commercial building. This blog is all about that.

Importance of automatic Sliding Doors supplier UAE

If you have a credible company as your Al Adel Automatic Doors, you have nothing to worry. Here are some benefits you can enjoy with their services:

Privacy levels are impressive

You will scare all those curious loiters away. The automatic doors open by sensing a presence, namely, the heat of the person. So if someone comes too close to the automatic sliding door UAE, it will immediately sound an alarm and open it. This will prevent people from just coming close and peering, just for fun’s sake. It just keeps the intruders out. So the obvious benefit is increased privacy and security.

Cost-effective solution

Did you know that getting a high quality doors supplier in UAE will save you a lot of money as well? Yes, that’s right because insurance people will see you as a responsible citizen who really values their property, honestly. Insurance companies love people who are extra-cautious about the safety of their property, as it would increase the value of their home and reduce the instance of theft. A safe home always has the highest market value too.

Beautiful designs suitable for all kinds of complexes

The Automatic sliding doors supplier UAE has all kinds of intricate designs suitable for different purposes. There are ones that are plain and no nonsense, they would be good for industrial and commercial complexes. The intricately carved designs would be just awesome for a residential complex, and if you live in an affluent area, you will be impressed by the options.

No more getting down from the car to open the gate

With automatic garage door UAE, you don’t have to get down from the car, and wait for someone else to open the gate. Just drive up to the car, and watch the door automatically open up for you. Similarly, if the weather is bad, and it’s pouring, you can sit in the car and wait for it to open up.

Space saving

You know that swinging gates can take up some space as they literally have to open to the sides. With the sliding gate, the gate itself can open up to the sides of the fence and so you don’t have to leave space for the gate separately. This is a great option for homeowners who cannot afford to have more space in their front yard.

There are different options to opening the sliding gate

The Automatic Sliding Doors Suppliers In UAE would give you multiple options to open the sliding door. You can use the card reader, remote control, the intercom, code pads etc to open it. It depends on what level of sophistication you need with it.


Sliding gates from Al Adel Auto Doors can most certainly take the security and sophistication of your home to a different level. While choosing one for your home, make sure you get the right kind, because different doors suit different levels of duty depending on duty and traffic.

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