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Maintanence of Access Control System

In the growing world the freedom of privacy, freedom of security, freedom of and inclusion is highly safeguarded by the innovative science. Advanced industries and companies give importance to security which is a mindful factor. Al Adel Automatic Doors, the best advanced access control system company in UAE, aims to provide the best security experience with our technologically efficient access control systems.

We believe how important is restriction of an unauthorised access of somebody into your personal space, workspace, company etc. Our technologically expertized team makes us the best access control system company in UAE. We make sure the appropriate access control is installed to serve your every concern and purpose. And thus, regular maintenance is equally to be considered, which our team regularly keeps a check on. Regular and required maintenance of the access control system keeps it working for a long run, and takes the best out of the investment. Maintenance of the access control system can also provide opportunities for upgradation to meet the future needs.

Checklist to keep your access control system function properly;

While some legacy systems give maintenance alerts while other do not possess alert features. So to be aware of when and how to maintain and inspect the access control system will enable its proper functions.


Inspecting often the security sensors will make sure the efficiency of the access control systems. A walk test can do the job, to inspect by activating the sensor devices. It should be ensured if the sensors are sending signals to the control panel and whether the panel is interpreting the received signals properly.


To ensure if the system remains in a working order regular inspection and cleaning devices is necessarily crucial. The dust or debris entered in the devices can disrupt the functioning.


A proper working alarm system of the access control system marks the purpose of the device. It should be tested if the signal communication between the software and the security devices is happening properly. And also you must ensure if the signals are reaching the first responders and third party security providers. To check the functioning of the fire alarm system and also informing about the fire alarm systems in the nearest fire safety stations is always important to avoid disasters.


Ensuring if the software is updated is significant, otherwise it may lose the functioning ability to detect any error or unauthorised access through the access control system. Even though the software of most of the access control system get updated automatically, still including the check for software updates in the checklist will ensure safety against future security threats.

Lack of maintenance of any access control systems can jeopardise the security of an organization, company or a person. So the Al Adel Automatic Doors, the best automatic sliding doors supplier and access control system company in UAE, we ensure the proper installation and regular maintenance, thus your security be our priority.


Affordable And Safe Auto Swing Gates For Your Business

A great utility to be added as part of the safety measures in your business automatic swing gates have numerous benefits. They are cost effective and be can be easily installed at the premise of a building. The swing gates are mainly available as single swing gate or dual swing gate. With integrated technology they can be controlled effectively to let in and let out vehicles and pedestrians. Every business needs access control. Auto swing gates provide, the best and easiest way to manage your company’s security. They are the most affordable, safe and reliable way to provide automatic access control to your business. They provide you high-performing and reliable solutions for your business. Al Adel Automatic Doors, the finest automatic swing gates manufacturer UAE offers authentic and dependable auto swing gates.

Benefits of auto swing gates
  • The entry and exit of traffic and people can be monitored and controlled.
  • Since they have sensors, remote controls and other technologically supportive accessories they are convenient to use.
  • They are made of robust materials like steel or iron which gives improved security to an area.
  • They are made to be durable and long lasting.
  • They are easy to install.
  • Even with the integrated technology they are budget friendly.
  • They can be operated manually as well.
  • They do not take up much space and adds to the aesthetic value of a property.

If you are planning to install auto swing gates then only after careful consideration you have to choose the type of gate and the seller. Auto swing gates are long term investment. Hence when you search for industrial doors supplier UAE you have to know in detail about the various types of gates available and the sellers in the market and then select the best suited automatic swing gates manufacturer UAE. Al Adel Automatic Doors, industrial doors supplier UAE have superior quality auto swing gates as well as sliding automatic gates UAE.

Few things to keep in mind while setting out to purchase the auto swing gates from automatic swing gates manufacturer UAE:


One of the primary things which you have to consider is the purpose of buying the gate. This is will help you to purchase the right kind of gate with the right features.

Research about the various gates

It is important to know about the diverse kinds of gates available in the market. You have to research in detail the different uses of the gates and compare it with your requirement to choose the most suitable one.

Buy from a trusted seller

It is important to buy the swing gates from a recognized and trusted seller. The product sold by them will be authentic and it will have all the necessary features.


The place where you are going to install the gate is important. Before you purchase the gate look into the location. The gates have to properly fit into the area and hence according to the location gates have to be selected.


Auto swing gates are mostly affordable however you have to look into the price offered by various sellers and the features offered by the sellers. The maintenance and the repair cost of the gate which can be incurred in future should also be understood in detail. While purchasing it is important to buy according to the budget set aside by you.


Types of Vehicle Road Blockers – What Type You Should Buy ?

Traffic monitoring and management is not easy especially in buildings, institutions and organizations where there is constant movement of vehicles. Institutions like shopping malls, hotels, banks etc have high movement of traffic. Vehicle road blockers are devices which help in controlling the traffic and providing safety movement of vehicles and pedestrians. Road blockers act as traffic stoppage and are very useful and effective.

Road Blockers also ensures the security of buildings and the property. Since the movement of traffic can be controlled using road blockers, unnecessary vehicles or trespassers will not enter into the compound or the property and suspicious vehicles can immediately be stopped using these. To purchase and install quality road blockers you have to find a trusted and renowned vehicle road blocker supplier UAE.

Al Adel road blockers offer dependable vehicle control. Being the number one Vehicle Road Blocker Supplier UAE our road blockers are suitable to be installed at different types of buildings and areas such as sensitive check points, banks, hotels, shopping malls, defence bases, oil & power sector plants and so on. You can perfectly control the entry and exit of vehicles using our road blockers.

There are different types of road blockers which can be placed. Choosing according to your requirement is important. The size of the road blockers differs from product to product. There are several types of road blockers with different height and width. Some road blockers may completely cover the vehicle with its width stretching entirely in front of the vehicle, while others might only partially block the vehicle. In both cases vehicles cannot pass through it. While some road blockers go up vertically others may raise in different manner. Road blockers and barriers also come with designs and colour in order to be easily noticeable on roads. Some are portable and can be kept at different locations. Al Adel parking barrier suppliers in UAE will provide the best road blocker.

Let us look at some types of road blockers.

Axle Road blocker – It comes with electro-hydraulic mechanism and have quick opening and closing time. The axle road blockers can be lowered or closed to give access to vehicles. They are reliable and effective.

Bollards – They have electro-hydraulic and electro- pneumatic drive mechanisms. They can be single or multiple units. They come with high impact resistance feature. They are also durable and strong. They can installed at places where tight security is required.

Sheet Road blocker – They are created from robust materials and can withstand any heavy attacks. They can be operated without electricity too. They have hydraulic power pack and can offer site specific entry and exit solutions.

Flat Type Spike Tyre – These road blockers have spikes which move up and down giving restricted access to vehicles. It is an in-ground installation.


Operation And Safety Manual For Rolling Shutters

There are roller shutters suitable for use at big commercial or industrial locations, such as warehouses. Big openings are likely to be tricky to operate daily and time-consuming, particularly when the weather is bad. Thankfully, there are roller shutters made of materials that ensure that these products stay safe and operational for a long time. Besides enjoying the durability and natural versatility of rolling shutters, you can equip these with an array of features to make their safety better. Roller shutters are available with the capability to withstand high-speed wind conditions as well. Nevertheless, you can also improve the safety of the product you buy from rolling shutter suppliers in UAE with the additional features.

These add-ons include bottom and top tracks as well as can make the shutters more practical and easy to use. Rolling shutters rely on the tracks that come with them, which is a source of a common issue with the products. These metal components can have damage over time; in certain cases, they could even be warped or buckled, keeping them performing. However, there exist rolling shutter suppliers in UAE that offer the shutters with the kinds of tracks made of hard-wearing raw materials, and these products can work well without any maintenance requirement for years.

There are various safety and security features that you can install in the rolling shutter system. For instance, a key-operation box and hard-wearing lock can help to keep anyone unauthorized from accessing the interior space of your location. Sensors and overriding switches to keep the shutter door from closing down on an individual or vehicle can be part of the safety options for a rolling shutter system.

Besides these safety features, you can further ensure the safety of people around the shutter system with adherence to some guidelines as well. As an industrial doors supplier UAE based, here, we will give you some of those guidelines to follow for safety.

Tips To Prevent Rolling Shutter Accidents

Improper use of rolling shutters comes with an element of risk. For instance, children or even adults might hang onto your shutter door when it goes up and might fall to the concrete ground. The door may also malfunction in a way that leads to a sudden shut operation. To keep those kinds of accidents from happening, it is vital to use rolling shutters safely while following these tips from your go-to automatic garage doors supplier UAE based.

  • Remove all handhold options from the shutter to keep people from holding onto those when it rises.
  • Maintain the product on a routine and regular basis to help confirm that any malfunction or issue can be discovered and fixed in time.
  • It is also a good idea to equip the system with the so-called ‘hold-to-run’ operator. It is a device that allows not only controlling the height the rolling shutter goes up and comes down to but also stopping it from moving in case of a possible accident.
Final Thoughts

As one of the best rolling shutter suppliers in UAE, we wish to confirm that each of our customers is secure and safe when using our products. After all, commercial equipment units are supposed to offer a sense of safety and peace. For more information on product safety, feel free to contact our team of rolling shutter and automatic gate barrier suppliers in UAE today.


Benefits of Installing High Speed Industrial Doors

Industrial doors that open and close quickly have many advantages for several different industries. The door increases the shutter or roller cycle speed with high-powered mechanisms. Consequently, the product operates at quicker speeds as compared to usual industrial doors. Here, we will discuss why you might want to consider the speedy product when doing business with an industrial doors supplier UAE location.


Nowadays, security is important for several industrial locations. The door that closes quickly can reduce the time for anyone unauthorized to enter an area and is durable. Those two factors make the door a premium option for protecting an industrial location.

Ease Of Entry And Exit

A business operation or industrial location often requires high accessibility for keeping the operation running smoothly. A simple door may be a viable option but can compromise the security of your industrial location. The quick opening allows vehicles and workers to enter and exit rooms with no holding-up operation. This is another reason to think about transacting with an industrial doors supplier UAE location.

Prevents Contamination

The door with a speedier opening and closing operation will considerably reduce the possibility of vermin entering and contaminating your business property. It will help contain air pollution, especially in an industrial environment, and keep the polluted air from spreading throughout the property. Preventing contamination is more important in the hospital industry. Do you have a hospital location in the Middle East? If so, think about choosing an industrial door from a hospital doors supplier in UAE.

Better Energy Efficiency Through Less Heat Loss

Keeping an industrial space contained with a fast-acting door installation will reduce the level of cold air that enters an area and that of warm air escaping the location. Therefore, think about installing the product with the help of an industrial doors supplier UAE based. The installation of the product with a speedy opening and closing mechanism, will reduce the possibility of the temperature in a room declining. It can have a considerable impact on how energy efficient your business building will be.

Keeping the space from getting cold through the door installation will help you make favorable conditions to work for your staff and save on your periodical energy bills. It can contribute to improving the financial state of your business location and reduce its ecological footprint.

Reduces Noise

It is possible to filter out the level of noise that comes from heavy equipment, automobiles and even workers. The door will open for a shorter period as compared to a standard industrial door. Therefore, it will play a part in limiting noise pollution while making working conditions quieter for long.

Internal Or External Application

You can install a speedy industrial door in many different environments. It can be tailored to fit into an internal location and is strong enough for use in an external part of your property.

Final Thoughts

The door is reliably engineered, strong and versatile, offering several benefits over other forms of doors and a great bang for your buck. As an industrial door and intercom system supplier in UAE, we can aid you in getting the right high speed product to satisfy your requirements.


How To Choose Best Access Control System For Your Door Security?

Security is a growing concern in today’s world. From hackers accessing valuable information, to intruders who threaten the safety of people and property, companies are recognizing the need for greater security. To improve the physical security of buildings and facilities, one of the best options is often the use of turnstile gates. And it is where Access Control System Companies in UAE plays the key role. When working with an automated entry and exit control, the company obtains total control, controlling access for employees and visitors.

The turnstiles facilitate the safe control of movement of people, preventing a large number of people from crowding in the same place. Therefore, the access turnstiles also guarantee the physical integrity of the spaces. By installing access control turnstiles, the company prohibits the entry of malicious people. Get in touch with the best Turnstile Supplier in UAE and ask for a quote online.

Access control system and benefits

Access control systems are currently the most demanded, migrating from mechanical systems to fully automated entry and exit control processes. Before its use it is important to carry out a preliminary study that takes into account the area, the access groups, the allowed hours, the access level of each user, etc. This system allows a quieter and safer environment, as well as providing access control that guarantees a better organization. It is always suggested to contract best Access Control System Companies in UAE. Its benefits include the following –

  • Control of Inputs and Outputs
  • Greater Security and Control of the Public
  • Savings in Personnel Costs
  • Ability to Defer Payments from Project Costs
  • Quick Return on Investment
  • Decrease in Registration Time
  • Improvement in Staff Productivity
  • Allow / Restrict Door Opening
  • Monetary Valuation of the Building
  • Added Value in Modernization.

The vehicle access control allows you to have a record of the cars of both residents and visitors. Also, if you have an attendance control system, the company can keep exact control of all the hours worked and thus measure the productivity of your employees.

Integrate with industrial intercom system

The access control system made by professional Access Control System Companies in UAE allows the turnstiles to work in conjunction with gates, cameras and other security equipment to ensure that only certain authorized persons use the entrance. You can provide useful information, such as the specific identity, time and location of each person who entered and left the facility. The system displays real-time data used by management to track visitors, locate alarm locations and identify potential security threats.

When invalid credentials are presented, the access control system signals the turnstile to notify the user that their credential was not accepted. When an alarm is triggered at the turnstile gate, the turnstile and access control system can work in unison to alert security, turn on nearby cameras, and close the turnstile and corresponding secondary gates. Get in touch with best Intercom System Supplier in UAE now.

Attendance control

It is the first and most obvious of the benefits. Having control and knowing information in real time allows you to establish security plans, eliminating security loopholes. This brings a significant advance to any human resources department.

Global Management

Imagine how much money and time you would save managing access control for all branches of your company from a single central module. Instantly have the information of thousands of people who make up your organization, and decide from a remote place who can enter or leave.

Elasticity in the management of schedules

Modern access control systems can authorize or restrict automatic door openings at up to 256 different times. This allows you to customize entry depending on the circumstances – by individual employees, work groups or department, etc. Buy automatic doors from one of the leading Automatic Sliding Doors Suppliers in UAE at affordable prices.

Handling emergencies and evacuations

The biggest concern when implementing access control is thinking about an emergency evacuation. Access control is always integrated with any emergency alarm system that starts the immediate opening of doors, lockers and turnstiles.

Security lock

The opposite case can also arise – where it is necessary to immediately block all doors to contain threats. The system has been designed so that using a single command it blocks accesses and sensors until the order of disarming.

Photographic Record

Finally, Access control systems can keep photographic records of the moment the entry is made, with the user’s information and card written on the image. This is achieved thanks to the integration of internal CCTV systems.

Conclusion: Choosing the right application

Choosing the correct turnstile requires considering a number of factors, including whether it is for indoor or outdoor use, the desired level of security, budget, required features and aesthetic preferences. Unlike gates, turnstiles can limit the number of people who can enter or exit with each badge presented and control the direction of passage. Assess your demand carefully, and contact the best Industrial Doors Supplier UAE.


Why to Choose Access Control System Instead of Keys?

Security is a priority for all kinds of organizations and industries. Safeguarding the company’s assets is crucial for success. Whether a company is small or large, an access control system can facilitates its needs and deny access to the people who are not allowed. Access control systems make access easier for the employees of an organization and secure the workplace.

It is a type of physical access control with benefits of increased security, improved efficiency of your business processes and building management. This is an electronic security system that typically uses an access card to authorize people to enter certain areas. The system offers logging option and is able to provide data related to the accessed person, time and space, which helps you to track the information about the building’s safety. Consider using an advanced access control system for your company, provided by Al Adel, access control system companies in UAE.

Replace keys with an access control system

Normally most of the smaller organizations use Mechanical keys for access control. But such traditional methods have many flaws and limitations, such as

  • Keys can be easily loosed or misused
  • Keys don’t leave an audit trial
  • Keys are difficult to manage.

With electronic access control systems, you can avoid the disadvantages of using mechanical keys and get a more secure access control. An electronic access control system can manage,

  • Limited access to the people. For example, the system allows only the employees to enter whereas visitors or clients are required to report to the reception desk on arrival.
  • Separate access areas to different group of employees.
  • What time they can gain access.
  • The system can be programmed to allow only to those clients who present their certification.

The advanced access control systems have the advantage of setting parameters for each individual. You can update the system easily when you want.

Identifiers for access control system

Access cards are the common identifiers used in electronic access control system. Anyone can enter the area, if the necessary conditions stored in the system are met. The other types of Identification methods are

  • An access card or badge or any type of identification tag.
  • A PIN or password
  • Biometric identifiers such as fingerprint or iris.

A company with many departments may have their own access control systems. For security and efficiency, these systems should be aligned. An electronic access control system is capable of integrating other systems and link everything together.

Al Adel Industrial Doors Supplier UAE

Al Adel Automatic Doors supplier UAE, expertise in latest technology security systems, sliding doors and automatic swing gates to provide safe and secure daily life. We know the access control trends have changed and today, computer based electronic access control systems are mostly preferred as they provide easy, convenient access for approved parties and refuse unauthorized access. Al Adel is one of the leading Access control system companies in UAE, providing cost-effective solutions to access control systems with added features of flexible framework, easy use, scheduled backups and integration. Visit for enquires and orders.


Top Buyer’s Guide For Industrial Security Systems

Appropriate security system is very integral part of any industry to ensure safety and unhindered operation. Many types of security system can be adopted for protecting people as well as the building. Installing sliding doors is one such option. Sliding doors are preferred over other types of doors in industrial areas. This is mainly because they are easy to operate and protects anyone entering or leaving through the doors. Industries which handle large goods often are at risk while transporting things. Passing through small doors can result in accidents since it can come and hit a person carrying goods. Also sliding doors provides more area for passage. Sliding doors are made with sturdy material and are resistant to huge impacts. They are also protected from corrosion. Al Adel Automatic Doors, industrial doors supplier UAE offers highest quality doors and gates for industrial and commercial purposes.

Top Buyer’s Guide for Industrial Security Systems.

Research about your purpose

Ask what, why and where before concluding on the different types of security system. There are numerous options which can be utilized to ensure safety of your premises. Different types of security system are usually installed in industries. Some of them are alarms, access control systems, video surveillance, fire and safety system etc. Depending on the type of industry the requirement also changes.

Risk Assessment

In an industry security system has to be implemented not only to ensure the safety of the building and its inventory but also to protect employees, customers and other facilities. Therefore risk assessment has to done on priority to analyse security gap. Risk assessment is not a one time process. Since work environment is not static and is ever changing routine assessments has to be conducted in order for smooth functioning of the business.

Conduct a market study

Conducting a market study gives you knowledge about the various technologies available. It also gives you a comprehensive idea on the security systems which have been tried and been successful. Industry study is beneficial to know what works and what fails.

Choose the best company

When you decide on a company, from where you are planning to avail the service of security system conduct a thorough and in depth study before finalizing on a company. Ignorance can lead to regrets later on. Al Adel Automatic Doors the best industrial doors supplier UAE supply industrial security technologies, systems and services support, in an excellent manner.

Ask for a customized solution

An expert company will provide customized solution and will guide you on the type of security system to be implemented. They will suggest what the best option for your enterprise is.

Value added solution

Choosing value added solutions along with major security system from the same company is advisable. Stick on to one company, frequently changing companies is a waste of time and money. It will also lead to dissatisfaction and confusions later on. Along with offering the installation of secure gates, access control systems and sliding doors Al Adel have many add on products like push buttons for gates, photo cells, flashing lights for gate barriers, beninca key selector etc of high quality and efficiency.

If you are searching for the finest supplier of secure automatic gates and access control system companies in UAE contact Al Adel Automatic Doors without further delay.


Advantages of Using Turnstile Gates as Public Security System

Hackers that have access to useful information and threats to the safety of employees and enterprises, are some of the biggest issues that affect security in the world. Organizations realized that better protection is required now. The use of turnstile and barrier systems to monitor staff access and visitor access is one of the best options to enhance protection in the buildings and installations considered.

To work smoothly with people’s ebb and flow inside and outside a building, the turnstile access control should be as reluctant as it is successful. Although there are turnstile gates and barriers exist to keep unauthorized persons away, they should be as functional as possible for those who have right access.

Turnstile gates are commonly used to secure entrances. The doors consist of a barrier which opens on a hinge with a lane width of or greater than 32 inches. Turning gates are a wonderful asset to safety turnstiles because they allow disabled access while ensuring a protected entrance. Al Adel Automatic Doors, the leading Turnstile Supplier in the UAE provides turnstiles gates that complement the search of our security turnstiles. They build a coherent access control system that is stylish and safe when used along with security turnstiles.

Types of Turnstile Gates

Waist height pedestrian turnstile gates: A revolving tripod, a rising arm, a sliding or rotating barrier is perhaps one of the most common types of access control gates so that only one person is able to enter immediately. Once access is permitted, the person who crosses to remove the barrier (such as tripod barriers) needs a certain form of waist height turnstile, while others are automatically open to enable entry.

Full height pedestrian turnstile gates: For greater physical protection, full-height turnstile gates are much challenging without clearance to be passed through. Traditional revolving doors provide a means of access control simply by minimizing the number of individuals who are able to enter and leave, glass security, or airlock portals on one side before being opened on the other.

Optical pedestrian turnstiles: Access Control System Companies in UAE provide optical pedestrian turnstiles that are capable of controlling the entrance without physical obstacles, optical turnstiles are designed to track people moving through ID cards or badges through infrared light beams. If an optical turnstile senses an unwanted entrance, an alarm or signal will be raised.

Vehicle access control turnstiles: Access control barriers for cars with lifting boom arms while driving in and out of parking areas, toll roads, and bridges. Arms can be attached to chains or ladder-style barrier skirts that prevent pedestrians from ducking under vehicle turnstiles.

Advantages of Turnstile Gates

The following illustrates the advantages of using a turnstile rather than a door including enhanced protection, efficient alignment with the access control system of the facility and improved production flexibility.

Improved Security

Turnstiles have excellent entry regulation through the control and deterrence of unlicensed entries.

The first point of entry is always through a door when entering a facility. A popular way to protect the facility is to introduce a card or biometric reader to the door with electrical locks. Since a reader and a lock require a valid identification when the door is opened, the door opening time or number of entries cannot be controlled.

Unauthorized individuals may access allowed employees through a secured door and thus recognize a common safety issue known as the ‘tailgating.’ Additionally, a lock cannot be used to distinguish the direction of a permitted passage. For example, when a door is turned on, it cannot prevent exiting simultaneously.

In comparison to doors, turnstiles will restrict the number of persons who enter or exit each credential and regulate the passage direction. An individual must first have a valid credential to enter a turnstile. This signals the obstacles to unblock and allows a person to move before relocking immediately. Some turnstiles have enhanced tracking and warning capabilities such as tailgating, retrenching, and forced passing. An unauthorized entry attempt triggers an alarm, notifies the user, and alerts the conflict control center.

Access Control Integration

Turnstiles can be incorporated quickly into a building’s access control system. Turnstiles can operate with doors, cameras, and other surveillance equipment to ensure that the entrance is cleaned only explicitly. It can provide valuable details such as the particular name, time, and place of each person entering the facility and leaving it. The device shows live management data for monitoring visitors, identifying alarm locations, and identifying possible security threats.

If the user displays a badge, the access control system informs the turnstile that the credentials are legitimate or not and that a passage is permissible. Once there is a doorway, the turnstile automatically transmits the passage back to the access control system. The access control system signals the turnstile when invalid credentials are encountered to notify the user not to accept their credentials. The turnstile and the access control system can work together if an alarm is triggered on the turnstile, alerts, security, triggers close-up cameras, locks the required turnstiles and secondary doors.

Operational Flexibility

Turnstiles strengthen the performance of the facility by standardizing the entry process.

Turnstiles are suitable for a wide range of credential readers, which allow users the possibility to use almost any form of media, such as barcodes, magnetic strips, RFID/NFC, or biometric cards.

Users should show their credentials to get an entry with turnstiles installed. The auto validation feature decreases the responsibility on receivers and security guards, allowing them to concentrate instead of checking credentials on their primary work tasks.

Turnstile function either in one or two directions. The modes of passage are independent in each direction and involve free passage, controlled passage, or locking. The free pass mode enables entry without permission — often used when users do not need to card the exit. Before enabling entry, a regulated passage requires a valid credential. The lock mode is closed, and even though it is met with a legitimate credential, it does not allow entry.

Turnstile modes are usually controlled remotely by the access control system or via an application on the network of the facility for more sophisticated turnstiles.


The installation area’s layout, size, number of users, and traffic patterns decide the number of turnstiles required. One or two turnstiles may be adequate in smaller areas; however, high traffic areas may need more turnstiles to meet the requirements of the facility. Multi-lane designs can include a variety of regular and ADA width lanes and pedestrian gates. In addition to turnstiles and gates, modular barriers or fencing could be required if any space between turnstiles and other fixed objects is about to be occupied.

Expenses Reduced

Automatic Gate Barrier Suppliers in UAE help to save money eventually by using a turnstile access control system. These systems can be entirely self-sufficient, which means that employees are no longer required at entries to check people or check their eligibility for entry. They also make it extremely difficult for people to go to places without paying, thereby reducing losses and increasing profits. It can be easily seen how a turnstile access control system can reduce costs and save money in the long term by dramatically reducing labor costs and damages incurred by unauthorized entry.

Analysis improved

Turnstiles are also equipped with counters to monitor the number of users entering and when. This is essential to the analytical team of an organization. Through this information, a business can discover how many customers use its services regularly and other patterns when its peak traffic is. A business can’t provide too many details and this admission review is one of the most valuable data for amusement parks, metro stations, and more.

Uses of Turnstile Uses

Entrance Control

Turnstiles are also used to monitor both those who enter and when they enter at facilities and sites. The implementation of access control systems with turnstiles enables a company to autonomously and effectively track accessing its facilities. Sports venues, distribution centers, warehouses, and more use turnstile systems to ensure the protection of entrances.


In order to increase protection, turnstile access control systems are often implemented at facilities. They can only be designed to limit access to people who have the required credentials (such as passes, keycards, or fob). Some kinds of turnstiles, such as turnstiles with a maximum height, offer their floor-to-ceiling architecture an extra degree of protection, rendering it almost impenetrable. These models are used in high-risk/high-security applications such as in information centers, prisons, construction sites, and high-profile government and military facilities.

Attendance Counting

Turnstiles are also ideal for calculating entries to and from a location. Many theme parks, sports grounds, and corporations use turnstiles to precisely calculate the number of visitors in the building when heavy traffic is occurring and if individuals are still in the building. The implementation of a turnstile controller offers valuable information on the movement of individuals and peak hours.

Payment Enforcement

Turnstiles are often widely used at venues for implementing payment. Where tickets or payments are required on entry, a turnstile may be used to enforce permitted entry. Amusement parks, leisure facilities, public transit terminals, and more benefit from a turnstiles access control system’s autonomous payment compliance. Most venues use card reader-fitted Turnstiles for scanning tickets and deciding if an individual is granted entry. The turnstile unlocks and only gives the individual entry if it is provided with a valid ticket.

Turnstiles should be at the top of the list of potential enhancements to physical security in a facility are measured. Turnstiles strengthen security and integrate easily with visitor control and access management systems. Turnstiles easily meet the requirements and improve the protection of modern business facilities with different shapes, roles, and choices.

At Al Adel Automatic Doors, the Turnstile Supplier in UAE we supply optical tower designs, high-level towers, high-level tower styluses, and different gates. Our products are distributed and installed in a multinational distributor network assisted by our experienced technical support staff. Our customs include governmental organizations, many of the biggest and most famous businesses in the world. We are the leading Turnstile Supplier in UAE. We have thousands of systems and customers around the world.


Reasons for Choosing Rolling Shutter Over Standard Door 

Roller shutters are designed to fit very tightly and firmly through the window. They are typically made of metal and are most widely found in steel and aluminum. Roller shutters are operated manually with a winder or a similar mechanism or are operated electrically (automated so they open and close at the push of a button). Shutter systems can operate electrically by means of a small electric motor or even solar power.

In essence, the roller shutters may be rigid, the slats very firmly attached, or the slats open to the required extent. In a slender pack, called a cassette, the shutters are opened and concealed.

Benefits of using Roller Shutter

For a variety of reasons, Roller Shutters are increasingly common. Let us read some of the benefits of using a roller shutter:

Security: The greatest advantage of roller shutters is that they bring your home real security. Roller shutters are so tightly connected to doors and windows that they cannot be taken away and it takes a lot of time to try even. In case of attempted breakdown, they act like incredible physical deterrence. Get the roller shutters from Al Adel Automatic Doors one of the best Rolling Shutter Suppliers In UAE to make sure you keep the culprits away from your house.

Better Access: You have a great deal of control over the amount of light into your home with roller shutters. The best thing is that you don’t have to get up to manually change it. Roller shutters will make your place more prosperous because they reflect up to 90% of the heat from the window before entering your house.

Weather Security: Roller shutters provide a strong window barrier to shield glass and occupants from storms, wind, rain, and other bad weather.

A Good Insulator: If you wish to reach the house with extreme heat or cold, roller shutters are perfect, since they are designed to isolate themselves. Roller shutters not only have thermal insulation but also sound insulation.

Fire Prevention: Many buildings need doors with fire classification. In classrooms, catering kitchens, stairs, medical centers, and all sorts of facilities, our shutters are commonly used to provide protected compartments in buildings to avoid fire and save lives and valuable property.

A flame-rated shutter at Al Adel Automatic Doors, a leading Automatic Garage Doors Supplier in UAE will bring peace of mind to your employees and customers and increase their safety. As a bonus, you can also save by inserting fee classic roller shutters

Roller doors have more moving parts by default than most other garage doors because if they are made with inexpensive materials, the doors fail very easily and typically cannot see from outside because of an internal component breakdown.

Roller shutter doors of Al Adel Automatic Doors the best Rolling Shutter Suppliers in UAE have a wide range of slats and a range of opening methods and colour finishes. Roller garage doors are usually available in regular colours, as the trend is that they are aimed at DIY (Do It Yourself).We can help you with the whole process if you are looking for a roller shutter in the UAE.

Whether you have these inside your house, office area, or company, the simplicity of installation and the many advantages of using roller shutters are obvious and a very good choice. There is no intrusive or time-consuming work required. These are installed by our trained professionals with minimal hurdles so that you can enjoy them quickly.