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How To Choose Best Access Control System For Your Door Security?

Security is a growing concern in today’s world. From hackers accessing valuable information, to intruders who threaten the safety of people and property, companies are recognizing the need for greater security. To improve the physical security of buildings and facilities, one of the best options is often the use of turnstile gates. And it is where Access Control System Companies in UAE plays the key role. When working with an automated entry and exit control, the company obtains total control, controlling access for employees and visitors.

The turnstiles facilitate the safe control of movement of people, preventing a large number of people from crowding in the same place. Therefore, the access turnstiles also guarantee the physical integrity of the spaces. By installing access control turnstiles, the company prohibits the entry of malicious people. Get in touch with the best Turnstile Supplier in UAE and ask for a quote online.

Access control system and benefits

Access control systems are currently the most demanded, migrating from mechanical systems to fully automated entry and exit control processes. Before its use it is important to carry out a preliminary study that takes into account the area, the access groups, the allowed hours, the access level of each user, etc. This system allows a quieter and safer environment, as well as providing access control that guarantees a better organization. It is always suggested to contract best Access Control System Companies in UAE. Its benefits include the following –

  • Control of Inputs and Outputs
  • Greater Security and Control of the Public
  • Savings in Personnel Costs
  • Ability to Defer Payments from Project Costs
  • Quick Return on Investment
  • Decrease in Registration Time
  • Improvement in Staff Productivity
  • Allow / Restrict Door Opening
  • Monetary Valuation of the Building
  • Added Value in Modernization.

The vehicle access control allows you to have a record of the cars of both residents and visitors. Also, if you have an attendance control system, the company can keep exact control of all the hours worked and thus measure the productivity of your employees.

Integrate with industrial intercom system

The access control system made by professional Access Control System Companies in UAE allows the turnstiles to work in conjunction with gates, cameras and other security equipment to ensure that only certain authorized persons use the entrance. You can provide useful information, such as the specific identity, time and location of each person who entered and left the facility. The system displays real-time data used by management to track visitors, locate alarm locations and identify potential security threats.

When invalid credentials are presented, the access control system signals the turnstile to notify the user that their credential was not accepted. When an alarm is triggered at the turnstile gate, the turnstile and access control system can work in unison to alert security, turn on nearby cameras, and close the turnstile and corresponding secondary gates. Get in touch with best Intercom System Supplier in UAE now.

Attendance control

It is the first and most obvious of the benefits. Having control and knowing information in real time allows you to establish security plans, eliminating security loopholes. This brings a significant advance to any human resources department.

Global Management

Imagine how much money and time you would save managing access control for all branches of your company from a single central module. Instantly have the information of thousands of people who make up your organization, and decide from a remote place who can enter or leave.

Elasticity in the management of schedules

Modern access control systems can authorize or restrict automatic door openings at up to 256 different times. This allows you to customize entry depending on the circumstances – by individual employees, work groups or department, etc. Buy automatic doors from one of the leading Automatic Sliding Doors Suppliers in UAE at affordable prices.

Handling emergencies and evacuations

The biggest concern when implementing access control is thinking about an emergency evacuation. Access control is always integrated with any emergency alarm system that starts the immediate opening of doors, lockers and turnstiles.

Security lock

The opposite case can also arise – where it is necessary to immediately block all doors to contain threats. The system has been designed so that using a single command it blocks accesses and sensors until the order of disarming.

Photographic Record

Finally, Access control systems can keep photographic records of the moment the entry is made, with the user’s information and card written on the image. This is achieved thanks to the integration of internal CCTV systems.

Conclusion: Choosing the right application

Choosing the correct turnstile requires considering a number of factors, including whether it is for indoor or outdoor use, the desired level of security, budget, required features and aesthetic preferences. Unlike gates, turnstiles can limit the number of people who can enter or exit with each badge presented and control the direction of passage. Assess your demand carefully, and contact the best Industrial Doors Supplier UAE.

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