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What Are The Various Methods of Maintaining an Automatic Gate Barrier Efficiently?

Automatic gate barriers give security and helps in controlling the movement of vehicle and people in a building or a premise. Al Adel Automatic Doors the leading automatic gate barrier suppliers in UAE provides the best security solutions. Wide range of products and services are offered by us. Some of our products include sliding doors, rolling garage doors, road blockers, pedestrian doors, gate barriers etc. Our sought after products sliding doors and gate barriers are made with sturdy and high grade materials. They are easy to operate and provide protection to your building and premise. Proven efficiency has made us the number one parking barrier suppliers in UAE.

Automatic gate barriers manage and control the entry and exist of vehicles and people to a premise or building. Sensors are used to control the access of people and vehicle.

Benefits of automatic gate barriers
  • Provides high security

Gate barriers are often installed with codes to permit the entry of vehicles and people. Only those with codes recognizable by the barriers can enter into a property. Unauthorized entry and trespasses are thus prevented by gate barriers. It also reduces theft of any kind.

  • Helps to manage visitor flow

Visitor flow can be managed efficiently using gate barriers. Automated system verifies and gives access quickly to vehicles. This reduces traffic and saves time.

  • Logging of vehicles and people

Gate barriers are ideal for identifying and logging the details of entry and exit of vehicles and people. Data can be logged and retrieved quickly and easily.

  • No requirement of additional employees

Establishment employ one or two staff for the verification of entry and exit. With gate barriers this requirement can completely be removed.

  • Available in number of varieties

There are different types of gate barriers with different settings and technology. As per the requirement the ideal gate barrier can be chosen.
Importance and benefits of proper gate and barrier maintenance and the risks associated with lack of maintenance

As mentioned gate barriers offer numerous advantages but improper maintenance of gate and gate barriers can lead to risks. Therefore appropriate maintenance of gate barrier is important.

Efficiency – If regular maintenance and checking of gate barriers is not done on time then over time it may stop to work properly. Checking and repairing not only helps in updating the technology but also helps to correct any errors which have occurred in the system.

Low risk of injury – Injures and accidents can be kept at bay by regular servicing of gates and barriers. An improper system can even lead to death.

Cost – Routine service of gate and security system reduces the chance of incurring large damages thereby reducing unnecessary long term costs.

Lifespan – A properly maintained gate and gate barriers can last for a long period of time.

Various methods of maintaining an automatic gate barrier efficiently

Regular servicing

Regular servicing involves physical service as well as software service. Checking for errors and correcting and updating the system have to be done regularly.

Back-up Battery

It is vital to have adequate back-up battery. Backup battery ensures uninterrupted working of as system. Issues like power cut and fuse problems can cause hindrance in the smooth working of the system.

High speed motor

High speed motor helps in operating the gates quickly. Swift closing and opening of gates is possible by installing these with your system.


For efficient working of gate and gate barriers adequate lubrication of its parts is necessary.

Improved technology and control

Gate barriers having good antenna and proper gate controls ensures good operations and results. Proper management of the system is also possible with this. Improved technology and control helps in the early identification and detection of errors in the system.

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