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Maintanence of Access Control System

In the growing world the freedom of privacy, freedom of security, freedom of and inclusion is highly safeguarded by the innovative science. Advanced industries and companies give importance to security which is a mindful factor. Al Adel Automatic Doors, the best advanced access control system company in UAE, aims to provide the best security experience with our technologically efficient access control systems.

We believe how important is restriction of an unauthorised access of somebody into your personal space, workspace, company etc. Our technologically expertized team makes us the best access control system company in UAE. We make sure the appropriate access control is installed to serve your every concern and purpose. And thus, regular maintenance is equally to be considered, which our team regularly keeps a check on. Regular and required maintenance of the access control system keeps it working for a long run, and takes the best out of the investment. Maintenance of the access control system can also provide opportunities for upgradation to meet the future needs.

Checklist to keep your access control system function properly;

While some legacy systems give maintenance alerts while other do not possess alert features. So to be aware of when and how to maintain and inspect the access control system will enable its proper functions.


Inspecting often the security sensors will make sure the efficiency of the access control systems. A walk test can do the job, to inspect by activating the sensor devices. It should be ensured if the sensors are sending signals to the control panel and whether the panel is interpreting the received signals properly.


To ensure if the system remains in a working order regular inspection and cleaning devices is necessarily crucial. The dust or debris entered in the devices can disrupt the functioning.


A proper working alarm system of the access control system marks the purpose of the device. It should be tested if the signal communication between the software and the security devices is happening properly. And also you must ensure if the signals are reaching the first responders and third party security providers. To check the functioning of the fire alarm system and also informing about the fire alarm systems in the nearest fire safety stations is always important to avoid disasters.


Ensuring if the software is updated is significant, otherwise it may lose the functioning ability to detect any error or unauthorised access through the access control system. Even though the software of most of the access control system get updated automatically, still including the check for software updates in the checklist will ensure safety against future security threats.

Lack of maintenance of any access control systems can jeopardise the security of an organization, company or a person. So the Al Adel Automatic Doors, the best automatic sliding doors supplier and access control system company in UAE, we ensure the proper installation and regular maintenance, thus your security be our priority.

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