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How To Automate an Existing Garage Door

Nowadays, everyone prefers an automatic system around themselves. And hence, when it comes to a garage door there are innumerable reasons, why people want to get their existing garage door automates. Most of us back off from having an automated garage door mainly because of its high expense of installing a new automatic garage door. But now science ensures its helping hand everywhere, and there are ways to automate your existing garage doors. As one of the most renowned automatic garage doors suppliers in UAE, al adel automatic doors has confronted our client’s demands with all its grace and provided them the best results to automate their existing garage door.

There are some determining factors to assess if your existing garage door can be automated and the cost, time and efficiency of the results depends on them. With our wide experience of being the best automatic garage door suppliers in UAE, we would like to say if your garage door is in good condition, or is young as 1o years, you can most probably enjoy an automated garage door soon.

Determining factors to assess if your garage door can be automated

The condition of your garage door

A garage door can be automated if it is in really good condition as in if it moves freely and easily without rubbing against its own frame or floor while if your garage door is very stiff and it has trouble to move, it can be challenging to automate it. Sometimes, if you do not want to get away with your existing garage door, it can also be automates with some extra effort. We can simply change the mechanism (springs, arm, tracks etc ) and add a motor, which is one of the most cost effective way.

Types of garage doors

When it comes to the type of the garage doors, there are factors to be considered.

If your garage door is traditional up and over doors the main things would be whether the door has tracks that run horizontally back into the garage. now if your garage door is the retractable door, track that run vertically up and down the back of the frame or canopy door. Even though canopy doors are not designed to be motorized, if it is in good condition it can be added with a bow arm to get it motorized. Either a canopy lifting, or a bow arm conversion kit that is fitted against the doors and then attached to the operator boom, can do the job.

All sectional doors can be motorized if it is in good state. Choose the suitable motor type and you can automate your garage doors in no time. All toller doors can also be motorized with the suitable motor.

Conditions with the garage

The main issues that bring challenges to convert your existing garage door to automatic are lack of head rooms, lintels passing through the garage that get in the way of the motor mechanism and there should also be power supply in the garage.

With the best automatic garage doors suppliers or automatic sliding doors suppliers in UAE, renovate your garage doors for no more back breaking to open the heavy doors on your own.

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