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Convenient And Safe Building Access Of Automatic Door Systems

The main attraction for an automatic door is the functioning of the product that requires little or no human intervention. Two benefits come with the automatic functioning: convenience and safety. These are among the reasons why you might wish to transact with automatic sliding doors suppliers in UAE as well.

People do not have to press on a handle, rotate a knob, push or pull the door to open or close it. This makes it easy to access the building where the door is in use, regardless of whether one is an able, disabled or partially disabled person. For disabled people and children of some ages, it is not always possible to manually open a door. This is where an automatic door comes into the picture. As one of the best automatic sliding doors suppliers in UAE, we know how convenient and safe our products are to use.

There are two aspects to note with regard to the safety of an automatic door. The convenience of access and exit that it offers is important for all sorts of people, including those who carry packages. The functioning reduces the possibility of having a finger jammed between multiple parts of a door or getting injured by a closing hinged door. While this kind of door was initially made with convenience in mind, this physical aspect of safety came with the product. However, there is another physical aspect of an automatic door that gets more attention thanks to coronavirus.

As a part of the automatic sliding doors suppliers in UAE industry, we know the role that our products can play in protecting people against coronavirus contraction. Thanks to the fact that the door reduces the number of touchpoints for access, passage and exit, it lessens the possibility of transmitting coronavirus. The same can be said of sliding automatic gates UAE based.

Several facilities have automatic doors, but few of those are touchless. Almost every automatic door requires a key, card scanner or another activation device. The device reduces the requirement for physical contacts between users and the hardware used for the door but does not eliminate the same.

As a location manager, you have the option to make door operation touchless. A motion sensor is the most basic piece of technology for an automatic door. Almost every sensor detects an object approaching this door and activates its operator through microwaves, ultrasound or infrared technology. It is possible to adjust the sensor range to up to about 300 centimeters from its position. A downside is that a few sensors cannot differentiate an individual and something else, like an animal, as they approach the door. As one of the automatic gate barrier suppliers in UAE, we are aware that a motion sensor-based door operator does not offer any access control level.

The other touchless options include switches that signal standard door operators as the user approaching the sensor waves to it. An automatic door with such features is most ideal for locations with high levels of traffic or footfall. To know more about these kinds of products, contact an automatic garage doors supplier UAE staff member.

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