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Automated Parking Barrier Systems To Secure Your Premises

Parking barriers are important equipments to ensure the security of a premise. By using parking barriers movement of vehicles and people can be controlled in a better manner. Parking barriers are usually installed in areas where there are large numbers of vehicles like malls, apartments, commercial buildings, toll plazas, railway crossings etc. Automated parking barriers stop any unauthorised entry of vehicles. The barriers work mainly by a software with proper database and operated by a person in charge of the system.

It is very important to have a parking barrier system which works efficiently with no error. Suppliers who offer parking barrier system which are of high quality adhering to the industry standards should be chosen. While selecting a parking system barrier also determine the response time of the system and find the most suitable one for you. Al Adel Automatic Doors, leading parking barrier suppliers in UAE offers extremely functional parking barrier system. We can proudly say that we are one of the most sought after automatic gate barrier suppliers in UAE.

Automated parking barrier systems advantages

Authorised entry of vehicles

Parking gate barriers prevents the entry of unknown vehicles into a premise. Only validated vehicles are permitted through the system to enter into an area where the barrier system has been installed. This will secure your building from trespassers and illegal entry. The log system of the parking gate barrier helps in recording the vehicles which enter and leave a premise. For future reference you can use the data of the log system.

Reduced requirement of human resources

Automated system reduces the requirement of personnel. Parking barriers can be operated and accessed using machinery, hi-tech systems, buttons etc. Therefore the number of people required for monitoring and verification of the system can be reduced.

Less consumption of space

Only a minimum space is essential for installing the parking barriers. They are also easy to handle and install. The barriers of Al Adel are suitable for all kinds of environment they will give you the desired performance effectively. Both People and vehicles are detected efficiently. All kinds vehicles whether they are big or small can go through it.

Handling high frequency traffic

Parking Barriers handle the flow of traffic and eliminate roadblocks and traffic disturbance. They are especially useful in areas where there is large inflow and outflow of vehicles. They also help in saving time. The parking barriers of Al Adel have quick response, thereby enabling the smooth movement of vehicles.

Reliable and Durable

Al Adel parking barriers are highly reliable and durable. They are accurate and operate efficiently. Manufactured using standard grade materials and by utilizing latest technology and authorization system they can be installed anywhere. They can also be easily integrated with the digital security system. They will not get easily broken or damaged. They are also affordable and available at the best market price.

Parking barrier of Al Adel Automatic Doors is one of the topmost products available in the market. Quick response time, efficiency in handling entry and exit, operational efficiency, long term performance are few of the core features of the product.

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