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Types of Vehicle Road Blockers – What Type You Should Buy ?

Traffic monitoring and management is not easy especially in buildings, institutions and organizations where there is constant movement of vehicles. Institutions like shopping malls, hotels, banks etc have high movement of traffic. Vehicle road blockers are devices which help in controlling the traffic and providing safety movement of vehicles and pedestrians. Road blockers act as traffic stoppage and are very useful and effective.

Road Blockers also ensures the security of buildings and the property. Since the movement of traffic can be controlled using road blockers, unnecessary vehicles or trespassers will not enter into the compound or the property and suspicious vehicles can immediately be stopped using these. To purchase and install quality road blockers you have to find a trusted and renowned vehicle road blocker supplier UAE.

Al Adel road blockers offer dependable vehicle control. Being the number one Vehicle Road Blocker Supplier UAE our road blockers are suitable to be installed at different types of buildings and areas such as sensitive check points, banks, hotels, shopping malls, defence bases, oil & power sector plants and so on. You can perfectly control the entry and exit of vehicles using our road blockers.

There are different types of road blockers which can be placed. Choosing according to your requirement is important. The size of the road blockers differs from product to product. There are several types of road blockers with different height and width. Some road blockers may completely cover the vehicle with its width stretching entirely in front of the vehicle, while others might only partially block the vehicle. In both cases vehicles cannot pass through it. While some road blockers go up vertically others may raise in different manner. Road blockers and barriers also come with designs and colour in order to be easily noticeable on roads. Some are portable and can be kept at different locations. Al Adel parking barrier suppliers in UAE will provide the best road blocker.

Let us look at some types of road blockers.

Axle Road blocker – It comes with electro-hydraulic mechanism and have quick opening and closing time. The axle road blockers can be lowered or closed to give access to vehicles. They are reliable and effective.

Bollards – They have electro-hydraulic and electro- pneumatic drive mechanisms. They can be single or multiple units. They come with high impact resistance feature. They are also durable and strong. They can installed at places where tight security is required.

Sheet Road blocker – They are created from robust materials and can withstand any heavy attacks. They can be operated without electricity too. They have hydraulic power pack and can offer site specific entry and exit solutions.

Flat Type Spike Tyre – These road blockers have spikes which move up and down giving restricted access to vehicles. It is an in-ground installation.

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