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Things to Consider While Selecting Hospital Doors

Access control systems are important for hospital locations for security and other applications. As the systems restrict entry into hospital buildings, these help to make the locations more secure. Besides, it is possible to program hospital doors to open in an automatic way that removes the points of contact on them. With such features in place, hospital access control solutions can considerably reduce the possibility of spreading bacteria too. Speaking of doors, it is vital to contemplate the following and more factors when choosing these from a hospital doors supplier in UAE or anywhere else.

Durability and Door Weight

A high number of people often travel through hospital doors, and how they open and shut these will vary too. Therefore, weight is among the most important factors at play in determining the right doors for hospitals. The products that hospital businesses choose have to open fast as well as be capable enough to withstand the frequent impact these might be subject to. So, consider these two features when doing business with a hospital doors supplier in UAE as well.

Functional Efficiency

Hospitals usually require fast decision making as the time these locations take to respond to situations can usually be the difference between life and death. Therefore, hospital doors must be designed in a manner that offers these products efficiency, practicality and optimum speed. Regarding practicality, a hospital may use a combination of sliding doors and swing doors at different places of the building. For instance, it is vital to have automatic access at the entrance of the building, but it may be too much of a convenience to have elsewhere.

With automatic swing doors, on the other hand, there is the option of manual operation, which can be useful in many parts of the building. For a large-scale project, it is a good idea to work with automatic sliding doors suppliers in UAE that also offer swing doors that function with little to no human intervention.

When it comes to a swing door, its speed typically hinges on the swing buffers and the weight of the door as well as the resistance that its bearings offer. The lesser the door’s weight is, the more would be the pace at which it swings open. So, consider whether the weight of the material poses any concern regarding the functionality aspect when transacting with a swing hospital doors supplier in UAE too.


Door material is another important consideration that hospitality clients should make when shopping for the product. Today, there are more material options for hospital doors than just timber, including stainless steel. A factor related to the material is corrosion, which can impact performance and pave way for contamination. Therefore, hospitals also use stainless steel doors. On the other hand, glass doors offer transparent views, which is important in some parts of the property.


It is one more thing to look at when working with a hospital industrial doors supplier UAE based. Every hospital requires the highest hygiene standards, even as its design goes beyond boosting hygiene. There are doors offering optimum speed and performance efficiency without compromising on durability or hygiene. Contact a supplier in UAE such as Adel Auto Doors in the event of wanting such products.

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