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Advantages of Using Turnstile Gates as Public Security System

Hackers that have access to useful information and threats to the safety of employees and enterprises, are some of the biggest issues that affect security in the world. Organizations realized that better protection is required now. The use of turnstile and barrier systems to monitor staff access and visitor access is one of the best options to enhance protection in the buildings and installations considered.

To work smoothly with people’s ebb and flow inside and outside a building, the turnstile access control should be as reluctant as it is successful. Although there are turnstile gates and barriers exist to keep unauthorized persons away, they should be as functional as possible for those who have right access.

Turnstile gates are commonly used to secure entrances. The doors consist of a barrier which opens on a hinge with a lane width of or greater than 32 inches. Turning gates are a wonderful asset to safety turnstiles because they allow disabled access while ensuring a protected entrance. Al Adel Automatic Doors, the leading Turnstile Supplier in the UAE provides turnstiles gates that complement the search of our security turnstiles. They build a coherent access control system that is stylish and safe when used along with security turnstiles.

Types of Turnstile Gates

Waist height pedestrian turnstile gates: A revolving tripod, a rising arm, a sliding or rotating barrier is perhaps one of the most common types of access control gates so that only one person is able to enter immediately. Once access is permitted, the person who crosses to remove the barrier (such as tripod barriers) needs a certain form of waist height turnstile, while others are automatically open to enable entry.

Full height pedestrian turnstile gates: For greater physical protection, full-height turnstile gates are much challenging without clearance to be passed through. Traditional revolving doors provide a means of access control simply by minimizing the number of individuals who are able to enter and leave, glass security, or airlock portals on one side before being opened on the other.

Optical pedestrian turnstiles: Access Control System Companies in UAE provide optical pedestrian turnstiles that are capable of controlling the entrance without physical obstacles, optical turnstiles are designed to track people moving through ID cards or badges through infrared light beams. If an optical turnstile senses an unwanted entrance, an alarm or signal will be raised.

Vehicle access control turnstiles: Access control barriers for cars with lifting boom arms while driving in and out of parking areas, toll roads, and bridges. Arms can be attached to chains or ladder-style barrier skirts that prevent pedestrians from ducking under vehicle turnstiles.

Advantages of Turnstile Gates

The following illustrates the advantages of using a turnstile rather than a door including enhanced protection, efficient alignment with the access control system of the facility and improved production flexibility.

Improved Security

Turnstiles have excellent entry regulation through the control and deterrence of unlicensed entries.

The first point of entry is always through a door when entering a facility. A popular way to protect the facility is to introduce a card or biometric reader to the door with electrical locks. Since a reader and a lock require a valid identification when the door is opened, the door opening time or number of entries cannot be controlled.

Unauthorized individuals may access allowed employees through a secured door and thus recognize a common safety issue known as the ‘tailgating.’ Additionally, a lock cannot be used to distinguish the direction of a permitted passage. For example, when a door is turned on, it cannot prevent exiting simultaneously.

In comparison to doors, turnstiles will restrict the number of persons who enter or exit each credential and regulate the passage direction. An individual must first have a valid credential to enter a turnstile. This signals the obstacles to unblock and allows a person to move before relocking immediately. Some turnstiles have enhanced tracking and warning capabilities such as tailgating, retrenching, and forced passing. An unauthorized entry attempt triggers an alarm, notifies the user, and alerts the conflict control center.

Access Control Integration

Turnstiles can be incorporated quickly into a building’s access control system. Turnstiles can operate with doors, cameras, and other surveillance equipment to ensure that the entrance is cleaned only explicitly. It can provide valuable details such as the particular name, time, and place of each person entering the facility and leaving it. The device shows live management data for monitoring visitors, identifying alarm locations, and identifying possible security threats.

If the user displays a badge, the access control system informs the turnstile that the credentials are legitimate or not and that a passage is permissible. Once there is a doorway, the turnstile automatically transmits the passage back to the access control system. The access control system signals the turnstile when invalid credentials are encountered to notify the user not to accept their credentials. The turnstile and the access control system can work together if an alarm is triggered on the turnstile, alerts, security, triggers close-up cameras, locks the required turnstiles and secondary doors.

Operational Flexibility

Turnstiles strengthen the performance of the facility by standardizing the entry process.

Turnstiles are suitable for a wide range of credential readers, which allow users the possibility to use almost any form of media, such as barcodes, magnetic strips, RFID/NFC, or biometric cards.

Users should show their credentials to get an entry with turnstiles installed. The auto validation feature decreases the responsibility on receivers and security guards, allowing them to concentrate instead of checking credentials on their primary work tasks.

Turnstile function either in one or two directions. The modes of passage are independent in each direction and involve free passage, controlled passage, or locking. The free pass mode enables entry without permission — often used when users do not need to card the exit. Before enabling entry, a regulated passage requires a valid credential. The lock mode is closed, and even though it is met with a legitimate credential, it does not allow entry.

Turnstile modes are usually controlled remotely by the access control system or via an application on the network of the facility for more sophisticated turnstiles.


The installation area’s layout, size, number of users, and traffic patterns decide the number of turnstiles required. One or two turnstiles may be adequate in smaller areas; however, high traffic areas may need more turnstiles to meet the requirements of the facility. Multi-lane designs can include a variety of regular and ADA width lanes and pedestrian gates. In addition to turnstiles and gates, modular barriers or fencing could be required if any space between turnstiles and other fixed objects is about to be occupied.

Expenses Reduced

Automatic Gate Barrier Suppliers in UAE help to save money eventually by using a turnstile access control system. These systems can be entirely self-sufficient, which means that employees are no longer required at entries to check people or check their eligibility for entry. They also make it extremely difficult for people to go to places without paying, thereby reducing losses and increasing profits. It can be easily seen how a turnstile access control system can reduce costs and save money in the long term by dramatically reducing labor costs and damages incurred by unauthorized entry.

Analysis improved

Turnstiles are also equipped with counters to monitor the number of users entering and when. This is essential to the analytical team of an organization. Through this information, a business can discover how many customers use its services regularly and other patterns when its peak traffic is. A business can’t provide too many details and this admission review is one of the most valuable data for amusement parks, metro stations, and more.

Uses of Turnstile Uses

Entrance Control

Turnstiles are also used to monitor both those who enter and when they enter at facilities and sites. The implementation of access control systems with turnstiles enables a company to autonomously and effectively track accessing its facilities. Sports venues, distribution centers, warehouses, and more use turnstile systems to ensure the protection of entrances.


In order to increase protection, turnstile access control systems are often implemented at facilities. They can only be designed to limit access to people who have the required credentials (such as passes, keycards, or fob). Some kinds of turnstiles, such as turnstiles with a maximum height, offer their floor-to-ceiling architecture an extra degree of protection, rendering it almost impenetrable. These models are used in high-risk/high-security applications such as in information centers, prisons, construction sites, and high-profile government and military facilities.

Attendance Counting

Turnstiles are also ideal for calculating entries to and from a location. Many theme parks, sports grounds, and corporations use turnstiles to precisely calculate the number of visitors in the building when heavy traffic is occurring and if individuals are still in the building. The implementation of a turnstile controller offers valuable information on the movement of individuals and peak hours.

Payment Enforcement

Turnstiles are often widely used at venues for implementing payment. Where tickets or payments are required on entry, a turnstile may be used to enforce permitted entry. Amusement parks, leisure facilities, public transit terminals, and more benefit from a turnstiles access control system’s autonomous payment compliance. Most venues use card reader-fitted Turnstiles for scanning tickets and deciding if an individual is granted entry. The turnstile unlocks and only gives the individual entry if it is provided with a valid ticket.

Turnstiles should be at the top of the list of potential enhancements to physical security in a facility are measured. Turnstiles strengthen security and integrate easily with visitor control and access management systems. Turnstiles easily meet the requirements and improve the protection of modern business facilities with different shapes, roles, and choices.

At Al Adel Automatic Doors, the Turnstile Supplier in UAE we supply optical tower designs, high-level towers, high-level tower styluses, and different gates. Our products are distributed and installed in a multinational distributor network assisted by our experienced technical support staff. Our customs include governmental organizations, many of the biggest and most famous businesses in the world. We are the leading Turnstile Supplier in UAE. We have thousands of systems and customers around the world.

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