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Uses of Stainless Steel Bollard

Bollards control the entry of vehicles. They can be used to limit the entry of vehicles, slow down the speed of vehicles, safeguard any installations and so on. Bollards can also be made of stainless steel, concrete, aluminium, iron etc. Out of the different kinds of bollards, stainless steel is preferred due to its functionality and many other advantages. Steel bollards appear like small posts and there are different types of steel bollards like fixed, retractable and removable bollards. While looking for stainless steel bollard supplier UAE, you have to choose the best vehicle road blocker supplier UAE. Trusted parking barrier suppliers in UAE will have high quality stainless steel bollards. Al Adel Automatic Doors the leading stainless steel bollard supplier UAE sells top quality steel bollards.

Uses of stainless bollards

The different uses of stainless bollards are discussed below:


Steel bollards help is maintaining the security of a place. It prevents trespassers from entering into a premise and also stops the escape cars from driving off. It also blocks the vehicles from speeding and hitting your property.


Bollards control the traffic. The entry of traffic can be managed effectively with the help of bollards. They can be kept at places to restrict the entry of vehicles to a particular area. It also allows the pedestrians to walk safely since it prevents the entry of vehicles to the areas of pedestrians. Bollards are highly useful in places like universities, shopping malls etc.


Stainless steel bollards are the best option when it comes to the aesthetics of a space. It serves its function without causing any issue to the appearance of a space or a building. It gets blended with other architectural designs easily. Decorative stainless steel bollards are also opted by some to enhance the look of a space.

Larger visual boundary

It may often be misunderstood that bollards reduce the space but in fact bollards help to create a larger visual boundary. Stainless steel bollards can also be custom made. Hence you can design it as per your property and the premise.


Keeping bollard in your premise helps people to notice your business easily and quickly. It will make your property stand out and helps people to access your premise quickly.


Durability is one of the biggest advantages of stainless steel bollards. Stainless steel is robust and long lasting. Keeping them outside will not cause any change to its appearance and it can withstand the different weather conditions easily.


Stainless steel bollards require little or no maintenance. They are non-corrosive and do not incur rust. They are resistant to stains, heat, rain and other environmental factors. They can also be installed hassle free with small cost of installation.


As already stated stainless steel bollards can be custom made and hence they are very versatile. Different shapes such as flat, slopes, dome etc of stainless steel bollards is available. They can be made to complement your premise and building and to give a minimalist appearance to your space.

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